How to server transfer and keep character name?


Due to the all the server nationalism/racism situation, I want to swap servers, but keep the name of the character I already created.
What is the right way to do this?

Topics I’d like to see answered:

  • Is there an official transfer method, or at least planned, for this launch?
  • If I delete the character from the server I’m in, is there a grace time for the name to be available again?

Thank you in advance

They said in another thread that there is no method of server transfers coded into the game, that apparently its not available in the other versions of the game either.

And character names a locked forever at the moment. If you delete your character the name will stay locked and you wont be able to use it again. No grace period unfortunately.

If your Char is Level 10, u can delete instantly and get the Name free for reuse.
if your Char is above Level 10, u have to wait 60 days after deletion (deletion takes 24 hours) until the Name is free to use again.


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Oh wow did they change this? Thought i saw a mod saying names are locked after deletion? Great news if im wrong might give it a go myself

Yep they changed it, but 60 days is awful too…
When i wanna move, i want to keep my names.

Thank you, just tested and it is exactly as you described.
Have a nice day

I don’t believe this. There is no way that they don’t have a method for this. How could they have not thought about something so simple ahead of time while developing the game? They could’ve made money with it too. I mean isn’t that something commonly offered with MMO’s these days? :roll_eyes: