How to speed up in game loading screen between TP?

I realised that every TP from one town to the next or from character to character takes between 1min-2mins. Is there a setting that i can increase just to reduce this load time? I’m sure im losing around 15-20mins alone on load times per 5hrs of play time.

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Get a betther Pc or Internet dude? Dont you have it installed on an ssd ? it takes like 12-15 sec for me never had such a problem

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my spec is Xeon E-2186 2.9 CPU; 32 GB RAM, Nvidia quadro P1000, its a workstation and yes its on a SSD-1TB.

It seems to load a lot of the zone’s resources the first time you move to a different area. Going from West Luterra to East Luterra takes longer than moving around within West Luterra.

I’d guess faster read/write and available memory for that purpose could help.

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I don’t recall if this helps the loading screen or just loading of environmental structures but you could try adding the -notexturestreaming steam launch flag and see if it helps.

Buy a nvme ssd it will load like 5sec

my 1TB is NVme Toshiba , not sure if the desktop version is different to my laptop.

write SG that they need to start to optimize their game

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i tried this and it feels like it is faster. ill have to test without. Thanks for this.

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Happy to help :blush:

Most probably you’ll need a better SSD or HDD with a higher w/r speed. Also you can try to lower your video settings in-game and keeping your hard storage free as much as possible will also might help because your pc will run smoother overall

I just bought an external hdd WD 2TB and the game now is running on this one. The loading when entering a chaos/ raid etc is 1-2 min. When getting first time in the game is even more
The game was running before on my internal SSD (Samsung something) and loading the maps and everything 10-15 secs. When I was fighting mobs already others they were still loading up😅

From steam properties for the game, in the text writable part:

-notexturestreaming -useallavailablecores

You can also -disablevsync


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