How to stagger as War Dancer?

It seems when I play War Dancer I have a really hard time to stagger bosses. At least it feels that way. Which skill should I be using to Stagger bosses?

Stagger? Check out’s build for wardancer, most of her abilities do decent stagger damage. Unless you’re talking about countering, in which case I personally use sky shattering blow.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

It just feels like I cannot lower the stagger meter fast enough. Maybe it is psychological.

Define “fast enough”?

In solo dungeons you get about one stagger. In guardian raids solo, depending on the boss, you get 1-3 staggers.

When you’re in a team it becomes less important for you to worry about and more important for your support to worry about if your group is meeting stagger checks or not. Especially with certain mechanics where you need to break shields.

Anyways, the build on that site works flawlessly. :slight_smile:

Fast enough as it feels I do more stagger when I am on berserker. But it could just be psychological, as War dancer is a little a lot of times, as compare to chunks.

That’s fair. Beserkers, destroyer, artillerist, gunlancer, scrappers are said to be the best stagger classes, along with supports obviously.

If you’re comparing it to any of those, it will be a bit less, but I think the difference is less than 35%. At least that’s what one of the streamers once stated.

Played some infighter/scrapper on RU this is def the sleeper class…it is passed over by people because of the lower dmg ceiling; however, it can outperform meta dps consistantly d/t the lower skill ceiling…that is why it is still very popular in KR. It has amazing stagger…quite predictable in pvp though.

Check your skills. Each skill will say low, mid, mid-high, high, or highest as stagger. Anything above mid-high is considered excellent stagger. Even mid is good stagger.