How to start play ranked?

Cant find any games…
Is it completely dead?

No it’s not, simply your MMR is too low and there is only a few if not any player in your range queuing. You get denied basically because the matchmaking system found a Diamond player that would make the game more “balanced”

Queue up during fever time, you will get a few games rolling I can guarantee it.

TLDR ; matchmaking system is discriminatory in it’s nature

I asked how to start playing ranked, because u start 1200 … “your mmr is too low, game is not dead” -… ok

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lmao this guy trying to tell a brand new pvp player starting at 1200 he’s too low. You think there’s more pvp players in gold than silver? Get a grip

Diamond and Grandmaster queue pops all day long, what do you mean ? His only chance to get a game is during fever time.

ya and don’t you think that needs to be fixed? lol currently the matchmaking just doesn’t allow people to get into it, god forbid you lose your first couple matches or 2 after spending an hour in queue for each of them, the game deems you too shit to even play at all and now you literally cant

there is a big region diffrence , when or if there are matches , and no you find alot of bronze and silver games in well populated regions,… but not for example in EUW and NAW

so telling someone its because of his mmr is not correct

EUC it take less than 2 minutes for a silver player to find a game at 20:30 servertime

also you get pretty often matchmaked as silver or gold with GM

im bronze in NAE and also can’t find matches after sitting in queue for 45 minutes
then i play unranked and people are like haha ur bronze

perhaps i have a diffrent sight on it , im fine on been silver

i grinded my way to max rank for the shop. and hold it with a few games per week ( about 12-15k points ) its enough to be in the 1-3% bracket on EUC

if you want alot of pvp , go unranked , the queue time is defenitely the best way to get max Rank

if you want MMR Ranking, then you have to play at Weekends event times , there you get enough lover bronze/silver/gold players

you know whos playing midweeks ? the hardcore pvpers with Plat/ Master and Grandmasters

and thats always the same player which play against eachother .
also i get alot of matches with plats/GMs as a silverplayer, you think that is fun ?
atleast in normal you dont see their MMR because some people would stop emediatly and afk if the enemy team has one

same like heaving max Rank for the Shop, there are people who stop playing when they see the third time in a row the same enemy players playing and destroying newbees

they go afk, just die or even ragequit

perhaps you are just late to the party , the season is almost 6 month old wait for the next one , and then start from fresh

okay but this thread is talking about RANKED not farming tier points to unlock the shop

dont play pvp in this game or you will break something in your house
Its the most dog… unbalanced pvp fights u will ever witness