How to turn in weekly guild quests after completion?

Just wondering how to turn in guild quests after they have been completed to get the xp/bloodstones etc? i cant seem to find anywhere that allows me to… Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m wondering the same thing

Anyone figure it out? Struggling to find an answer too.

Had the same question from a couple of guild members.

Can’t screenshot as I am in Stage 4 of the Queue Ultimate Boss.

But… Just above you’re quest log right side , below the “Minimap” you’ll see and “Ongoing Quest” button, click that to complete the quests.

This happens for a few other quests too , not just Guild ones.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

That is to finish the guild quest once you have picked up and did it. The question is, how to finish the guild quest in the guild window to be able to accept a new guild quest for everyone to pick up again :smiley:

Anyone figured it out???
We’re struggling aswell

Apparently you just wait for the weekly guild quest to turn itself in around sometime on Thursday mornings. The reason why the quest is still up even after its 20/20 is so other guild members can take the quest to receive bloodstones.

How does a normal guild member “take” the quest? Is it automatically given to us when the leader selects it, or do we actually need to get it from an npc after they select it? Ours is 20/20 logging for instance and I have logged but have never personally had the quest in my list.

you need to be level 50, when in game press alt+J it brings up the weekly and daily quests + the guild quests

Basically what NotKiz said. Open alt + j and click on the guild request tab. Under there you should see the weekly guild quest and then click accept. Only prerequisites are that you are a guildmate or higher and have completed the questline to accept dailies/weeklies which is sometime in Vern iirc.

Had anyone figured this out???

Can you accept another one after finnishing one?


I would also like to know this!

I would also like to know if it’s possible to start a new Weekly Task for the guild once the current Weekly Task is showing 20/20. Do we have to leave it at 20/20 until the weekly reset or can we start a new Weekly Task without losing credit for the one that has already been completed?

You can’t start another weekly guild quest after you completed your current one. You must wait until reset to start a new weekly.


Thank you for the response!

If you click the Weekly Tasks button (not the tab) another window pops up, in the bottom right there are two tabs. One for guild (I think) and one for individual. You can click on individual and see your progress. In this tab, there should be a list of quests you can accept and it gives you a quest to do (you can see it by pressing J).

Correct me if I’m wrong, please. Going off memory since servers down.