How will arcanist be released?

any infos? for example will they increase the knowledge transfer, give us another super expressmission or powerpass etc? i dont watch livestreams and dont have any infos about the game in other countries (russia, korea etc)

She will be released dead so u can get used to floor pov



Point of view

obv wif vykas lul


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How? In lootboxes, providing .5% chance to get one piece of her, need 4 to put her together.

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Mid “insert month here”

Yes .5% per leg, arm and a 0.25% for head.

Once assembled, you start at T1 and need to RNG roll each story quest to be allowed to proceed.


And 1% to unlock each Red/blue/yellow skills
.001% to unlock Awakening.

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We don’t know anything. AGS/SGR give 0 information about anything at all prior to the patch, so there’s no need to even be on the forums unless you want to be involved with the foolishness that goes on here. If the info is posted, they will also tweet about it, just set notifications there.

Also, you don’t need to know about other regions’ releases as only disappointment awaits since the only correlation between them and EU/NA releases is that EU/NA releases are worse every time without exception so far.

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It tells you in the patch notes thats theres a pass and event…

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“Roadmap”. She will come with punika powerpass, story express and hyper express. Following the logic of all other regions, we will no longer have “super express” and we will also no longer have feiton powerpass.

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On her knees.

Probably delayed till august

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She is busy picking her Tarot deck, cut her some slack.