How work the Pheromone Bomb?

Before get would like to know if this is good or not.

From what I know when the boss flee to another place it make him go back to the position where you are when you use the Pheromone Bomb.
It can be helpful in case the boss flee very far (or avoid using Flare to find his new spot).

The boss becomes invulnerable before they run away to the new area. You throw the bomb as soon as you see them go invuln. They dig/fly/teleport away and come instantly back.

ok but i need to be fast to throw the bomb then.

Exactly, you need to be relatively quick since the pheromone buff only stays for 30s on the mob. So if it doesn’t dig away in those 30seconds you wasted the bomb.

Its mostly doable though, most bosses have a 5 to 10sec animation to run away.

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