How you Guys Liking Reaper?

How are you guys liking reaper so far?
Love, Hate, So so?
Which spec?

Personally, I love it.

I now understand why Koreans gatekeep this class, Floor PoV master and Zdps.


Too soon to make any reasonable conclusion cuz tripods and relic gear handicaps.

Edit: Also skill points

It looks great, feels great and has a bright future when I get into my Entropy set.

It’s actually hard to die on Reaper just because of how many movement options it has.


I think the part about hard to die is overlooked by the the majority of people. You have so many movement abilities including 2 that go through the boss.

This is true. Those floor pov reapers are just not playing properly. Since it’s a really squishy class, you cant just go ham on the keyboard

mines currently a blinged out lopang slave… until i have the urge to gear it more but i dont sooooo meh ~

mine is buying buses till the prices for these stones come back down

Yeah i think i went through 400 pheons to cut a stone for my scrapper. Luckily got a drop and cut a 7/7 first attempt on reaper.

Yeah… I find it fun to get in and dish damage then hop back on out to avoid everything then rinse and repeat until I get fighter/upright cause I still have Argos gear :^>

I’ll get 4 piece by next week if I don’t win boxes.

Fun. Glad I went Hunger.

It’s nice to have 2 ways to get behind the boss almost instantly.

Spamming Shadow Vortex every ~3 seconds to reduce the cool-down of your Swoop skills seems… productive.

Just gonna take a while to get the feel of it down. Gotta Constantly keep your chaos gauge full. Ensuring your using your Shadow Vortex optimally (off cool-down and hopefully while all swoop skills are on cooldown) and getting the occasional flex counter from behind in, which I have only managed to do once so far.

I dont have a Reaper but every new class will be ZDPS Low level, no tripods, no relic set, no relic set level 2.



It’s kinda crazy how powerful skill points, runes, level 60 and tripods makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE MORE IMPORTANT THAN LEVEL 10 GEMS

My 1415 level 60 alt hitting harder than 1490 Reapers with 4 piece relic, because they dont have tripods or level 60

I love how it plays. It’s fast, the mobility is excellent, I’m having a lot of fun with it. Just have to get it leveled. And max tripods. And get the entropy set.

So won’t really know for a few weeks since I tend to progress very slowly in the game for the sake of my sanity.

Survivability is only an issue on unavoidable chip damage. That’s taken care of by supports or pots. Most survivability issues are mechanics, which movement helps with. If you’re getting hit by mechanics as a Reaper you’re doing it wrong.

Having fun with the moon spec. Of course I do little damage as I’m working on levels, tripods, and relic gear.

It’s not about the class, it’s the player. There are so many players out there that doesn’t know all the mech/patterns to the raids and still died using other classes beside reaper. Until a reaper comes a long (new class) tf? Died once, bam everyone comes to the forum and starts making up stories. Many of the time others players don’t realize their mistake can cause other players like reapers to died making them look bad when THEY clearly know wtf they did. lmao

Honestly, I feel like the floor pov meme just comes from salty people who have prejudices against people who play certain types of classes. If you think any game ever, the class that is deemed “edgy” usually gets a ton of flack from the community and the players get scrutinized like no other. Looking back at the past updates in your raids there’s probably been countless floor pov of all sorts of classes or even straight-up raid wipers but people see a chart of health coefficients and their brains fall to the floor. Some people even claiming Reaper is “zdps” as if we all haven’t witnessed the plethora of p2w players who have insane gear metrics but either do less damage or are nowhere near the potential their gear provides.

All of this to say stop being parrots repeating memes that you have no first-hand experience with. Right now people may still be learning but creating a stigma for something that’s less than a month old is a joke.

yeah but zerkers and arcanist exist. True Floor POV.

Chaos Dungeon is also a lot of fun with my build Im dashing 24/7 with aoe dmg lmao
Its hard to follow sometimes haha

Most fun class i’ve played, a lot spammy and mobile with many repositioning tools, squishy af as expected. Damage without gear set is supbar at 1460 5x3 and without high level tripods, might get better later.

Amazing class