HP above head - friendly discussion

I have encountered multiple people throughout LA that do not select the option:

I have raided with these people in Discord and in PUGs and was genuinely curious as to why they wouldn’t activate this to see their HP above their head (yet they have everyone else’s HP above their head)
The 2 most common responses are:

  1. Its distracting to have it above my head
  2. I don’t need it there, its just above my skills.

I questioned this and said, doesn’t that mean that you have to glance at your HP at the bottom of the screen to know how much HP you have left?

The reason that I have bought this up is that I have started recording my Brelshaza runs to look for areas of improvement and noticed that there are a lot of people who do not use an HP potion when at 40%-50% HP remaining for a long time. I wondered if they were just being cheap not using potions, or do they not see their HP and could this could be the reason.

The discussions (whilst civil) have been very controversial.

My logic is as follows: (this may be flawed, its just my thinking)

40% remaining HP - get hit down to 10%, use HP potion (60%), go up to 50%-70% (depending on factors like cursed doll) - get hit by boss again = dead

90% remaining HP - get hit down to 50%, use HP potion (60%), go up to 90%-100% (depending on factors like cursed doll) get hit by boss again = live

I’d like to hear your thoughts.

potion greeders waiting for heal from supports.

This is why I don’t take 1460 in Vykas HM, those alt are only there for gold farm they el cheapo potion so much die in purple phase 1 cause reset cause staying at 50% hp. I took so many 1460 alt in the past who do exactly as you say. Those people probably same people who el cheapo guardian consumables in PARTY FINDER CONSUMABLE RUN - seen alot of those in caligos recently. They say “oops I forgot” and don’t offer to make up for it in the next run cause someone covered for them.

even worse is the never use sprinter robe slow classes in brel get yellow meteor just walk over drop it cause wipe. You get 15 robe per 1 box why so cheapo???

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It certainly can distract players from doing their rotation if they keep seeing “oh I’m almost dead.”

In a lot of MMOs yes the healer will have you covered 99% of the time even if you screw up. Here, not as much.

There’s already enough visual clutter in battle. Some classes like sorc also have flashy skill animation effects that make it worse. It’s actually not that helpful to have a hp bar amongst all that visual mess which you can easily miss.

Personally I only show hp bar for people in my party (it’s useful when I play support) but not myself. My UI already have a hp bar that clearly shows my actual health amount and I spend a lot of time looking at my skill bar (sitting right below the hp bar) anyway. It’s visually easier to access both information with one glance instead of having to move your eyes around to check different areas.

As for the people who don’t like using pots, where you put their hp bar doesn’t even matter. These people are typically the type to rely on supports for heals or use revive orbs as their personal hp pot if available.

l’m a dps player. watching hp bars is the bard’s job. plus l play the same way everywhere and super armor the same mechs so its kind of just engrained how much hp l have left at any point

That is actually a bad sign for most MMOs. Too much attention on the skill bar usually means your not comfortable with the class you are playing.

Lost Ark gives you a lot of important information at the middle of the screen/around your character so you can focus on the combat and keep your eyes on the battlefield to see what pattern the boss is about to start.

I don’t uses hp pot at 40%. I know which hit will kill me and which won’t from a boss. At 40%, most characters can still take a hot or two. Also, some class have shield…like my sorc…as long as I have mana. My mana is also my HP bar.

In guardians run. I don’t uses pot on the bird or the turtle. They die before I do and as long as their is still more than 2 rez left. I use pot if only 1 rez and my HP is low enough that I cannot take other hot.

As a support player. I never uses hp pot. Even at 1%. I can wait for my heal and I run around with lvl 1 crisis evasion.

I love it while during raids. Watching the DPS freak out and telling me to pot when my HP is below 10%. I just run right into the bosses big hitter and come out with 100% HP…hahaha

It is also great when I miss time my ts on some pattern and come out with only 1hp. I will pot than…haha. love running crisis evasion!!

I play mostly swift/piano classes that doesn’t have set skill rotation. So it’s not a bad sign, it’s actually needed to keep good skill uptime. It’s not like I’m only or mostly looking at the skill bar and ignoring everything else, I still switch between the main screen, mini map and boss hp bar to know what’s happening. Keeping an eye on the skill bar IS part of focusing on the battle.

It’s funny, because I quit 8ish months ago, and after coming back I can make a whole lot of potions for cheap from my SH with farm mats. I genuinely don’t understand potion greeders.

That said, I’ve also ran GRs on my alts where the bard will not heal ONCE, even if everyone is down to 30% after avoiding 90% of the enemy attacks. Yes, avoiding all of them is ideal, but heal your blasted teammates. I mean also…some unavoidable damage, like red Igrexion (failing stagger is a team thing) and lava chrom pulsating damage.

Side rant, of course…half my my T3 characters are supports and I also play a bard and like to do 3-point courage, but I also like keeping my party alive.

I suppose there are extremes on both sides.

it’s sad. I used to try to take 1460 as much into vykas hm but met so many of these potion greeder, esp when we run without support sometime.

Now I just don’t bother with those alts. And usually the newer player actually bring more potion, it’s always the alt reclear 1460s with higher roster/titles, etc. that tend to greed potion the most since they are farming it for gold

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I disagree. I have x5 1472,5 alts mostly i use Dark Grenades plus potions never issue to me. The reason stays in that item level is i don’t have much time due to real life. Just Argos,Valtan Vykas and i m good. But no problem i do bus with them as well.

You gotta change your point of view. Not all players are scu*mbags.

because it’s inefficient to heal at 40%

with the hp feast without cursed doll a big potion will heal you from 10% to nearly full hp

most basic patterns do not take more than 20% of your health bar
anything that hits you for more than 20% you should be in the mindset of either avoiding or it is shotgunning (like poop or vykases feathers for example) those are multiple instances of damage that can overlap and easily just murder you from full so avoiding them is how you work around them
reaction time also exists and if you get stuck in an animation you should be pre potting with the hope that the shotgun doesn’t kill you

regardless being at 40% is not inherently dangerous
Brel for example doesn’t hit you more often than once every 4 seconds so you have plenty of time to gauge if you need to pot or not
also supports sometimes hold heals for people to group up so potting sometimes is a waste (especially with bards that can full heal you in 2 seconds)

ie it’s not so much as being cheap but it is a lot to do with your confidence

i do hate people that suck ass though and refuse to pot
people that regularly get hit and still rely on supports to save them
i’d say those people won’t pot even if you put half of their screen as their health bar

it’s just a player thing not a visibility thing

Because i use the full party frames and can see my HP in my peripheral vision. Also just keep track how many hits you have actually taken and you should have pretty accurate estimate.

With all the spell effects and boss mechanics I can’t even see my own character half the time in a raid, an HP bar above my head won’t change that.

It’s enough of a struggle using Holding/Charge skills with Perfect Zones.

Dps players dont need that option, its good for supports thats all.

I keep hp on by disable names etc because the cluter makes me lagg.

1472.5 is perfectly fine. The ones I see dying due to not using hp potion are all 1460 alt so I never take those player in vykas hm now

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