Hp auto healing?

It would be nice if they implemented a system in which HP recovers when it reaches a certain % of life, auto recovery but allowed and within the game, because I’m a beginner and I’m suffering a lot with this mechanic thing and at the same time keeping an eye on everything with so many effects, I know they will call me a crybaby, but whoever wants difficulty would just not use it, and of course this option would be disabled in Arena PVP.

What do you think?

I think it would be a good thing to have for the normal potions, not the raid potions though.
These ones would be fine ^

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I know, but I’m talking about a system that would automatically use these potions just like in Perfect World.
Of course, being able to use HP potions not buff attack etc.

are you saying that it’s too much to press 1 button when your health is low?

yes you can forget to use it and the system would do it without error.


Yes and I’m saying for the open world content auto potions would be okay, but I don’t think it’s acceptable in raids like abyss dungeons and legion raids.

you can’t use normal potions in abyss, this is an action combat game, perfect world is a mobile game ported to pc, and i refuse to believe you are so bad at the game that you can’t press 1 button when your screen is red

can’t use normal, but can use others to recover and yes I’m bad enough and there’s a lot of guy who resorts to using macros for that, running the risk of being banned.

then go play a mobile game that does all the work for you, this is not the game for you

I’m sure you would use…