Hud Scaling / Small Fonts / Blurry Fonts

Hey there,

its hard to read the text ingame, because the fonts are way to small/blurry.
It would be nice to have the ability to increase the font size or even change the fonts.

Im playing on a 15" Gaming-Notebook on FullHD and the texts are causing bad headaches.



true fonts are bad…

+1 I’m playing on a Surface Book 4 (3000x2000 native res) and no matter what OS/in-game scaling or resolution changes I try nothing helps make the font larger or more legible. Please add additional scaling options for more than just the HUD.


As someone with vision issues and playing on a 15.6” laptop, I’d like to see this fixed. If you can change the chat font and even have special settings for those with colourblindness, why not those with other vision issues? The small font size detracts from game enjoyment and I’m tired of asking others to read to me what is going on. I enjoy the game, but I’m ever so frustrated that I cannot get the full immersion.

people complain since alpha/beta about this, but our CMs doesnt care so try to contact Smilegates rpg directly maybe.

Yes fonts are mediocre because they are serif based. People have been complaining about it since CBT but it looks like this topic fell to the very bottom of the backlog since then.

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I hadn’t been aware that complaints went that far back! New to the game and community as a whole. Came here to hunt for solutions, but ended up finding a bunch of posts and no answers. I’ll play around with in game res and stuff. See if that can help in any way.

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