HUGE ammount of BOTS in lost ark

Yesterday I was playing at 4 AM and I have encountered several bots in the game leveling up. I decided to follow them and make a research. It turns out that in almost every channel, every zone of the map, in every continent, there are massive ammounts of bots that are chain questing. I have recorded a video that I will probably upload on youtube, but, for now, I will show you some evidence.

In this image we can see an example, there are more than 8 bots in the same spot in channel 1, but in this part of the luthera castle, there are in more spots…
Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4

Channel 2 on Borea’s domain

Channel 1 on Borea’s domain

Channel 3 on Rethramis border…

They spam gold ads while doing this.

First 3 channels on orange on lutera’s castle…

In a few hours ill post the video with them moving all over the place.

This are the evidences that I can barely show here, note that I’ve found them all over the first zone of leveling, in Rethramis, Eudia and East/West Luthera in every channel. Im talking about 10 channels being in orange in the main cities and in the leveling zone from 2 to 4 channels full of bots.
I’ve traveled to every zone in the first continent and no matter where I went, any port, they were chain questing.

If we make the math, we can easily say that there are more than 30-40 bots in each zone in each channel → 19 times that (19 zones in the game) gives us 760 bots per channel. Now just do the math between channels and u have a pretty good reason why queues might me flood. I repeat, this bots DONT disconnect, in the video I will upload you can see how some virtual machines actually stopped working and some bots are afk, but most of them (while spamming gold ads) run 24/7. So, yeah, the queue in EUC might have a solution and its getting rid of this bots. If someone like me could spot so many, why wouldnt you hire someone to manually ban every single one of them.


I also would like if the game do something about the real players using simple macros to stay 24/7 in the game.
But agree that huge amount of gold selling bots is more impactful on the queues.


If you work full-time and don’t afk macro you might as well uninstall the game for the next 3 months at least.



Bumping this up just hoping that someone sees this…

I posted suggestions on how Amazon could deal with the gold sellers some days back, in the hopes it would help them and convince them they do need to do something.

I’m hoping the complete silence on their end means they’re cooking something up and not that they just plan to ignore the gold sellers and let the players deal with it in its current state. Allowing spammers to completely take over chat and relying on people to manually report them every single time isn’t going to work long term. I definitely got tired of having to manually type out a reason too before I could report each one, after a while.


Maybe if AGS implements a verification via mobile number for each player account, it could solve the problem…


If you work full-time and don’t afk macro you might as well uninstall the game for the next 3 months at least.

Please do.


+1 this suggestion, seems like a serious issue.

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This actually isnt a bad idea… Im sure they would find a way around it somehow but it would at the very least slow them down for a while.


Tbh its just poor choice of servers if you are not able to play.
I work full time and get to play every day with 0-500 queue on Beatrice.


first the bot spam and now they even gettin bigger with more and more bot accounts i hope amazon rly stop this soon

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I’m on Zinnervale, I have full time job, a wife and a small kid. I’m software engineer with 13 years of experience. I can easily write a script that will keep me in the game 24/7, without detection, so that I can just play whenever I have little time to do so.
Won’t do it because for me this is selfish.


When i started, Beatrice etc didn’t even exist. Don’t call poor choice of servers, it’s poor work from amazon .


something needs to be done about this. its really out of hand for real :confused:

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Well lets just hope that they dont make it to endgame… imagine queuing for abyss only to get grouped with a bunch of bots that just stand there spamming party chat with ads >_<

We are actively working to improve our tools surrounding bans, anti-cheat, and all that good stuff. In the meantime, please report these folks (are bots folks? bots.) when you can, so that our support staff can execute order 66 rapidly remove them from the game.


Thank you… for such a great game, it’s really embarrassing when introducing friends into the game, with so many Bots spamming up the main channels and cities.


amazon should ban all these damn bots. also a reason why the queues are so long

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The problem with these bots is that banning them is a short term solution. Since this is a free to play game, they can make other accounts easily, which they always do. There needs to be an anti-bot verification system in place for them to be filtered out before they can log into the game. I am not sure if this can be implemented.