Huge designflaw + ideas to combat it

I’m kinda sick of reading the same issues over and over again since people are too lazy to read.

Chaos dungeon gets more, why not chaos gate? By introducing more shards per chaos gate the price overall goes down which is good for everyone since the problem only gets worse.

TLDR: at the end.

The biggest design flaw of lost ark imo are shardbags.
a new player at 1415 has to buy/use the same shardbags a 1580 whale has to buy in a quantity which is a pure joke.

Let’s compare brehlshaza +20 weapon with Valtan +20 weapon:

Brehlshaza +20


Valtan +20

250k Shards vs 44k just to fill up the weapon to start honing.

Lets look at the gains we get from chaos dungeon:

(Credit to u/ Nsbhyfr on reddit)

Those rewards are (according to Nsbhyfr with a sample size of N=50 (minimum)): Unrested, no portals, all accessories dismantled, including end dungeon rewards.


althought a bit confusing to look at this compares how many days it take to run chaos dungeons to be able to fill up the respective +20 weapon (since 1520 isnt the highest cd i took 1415 as well as a comparrison)

Now this isn’t an issue for people who play their class since release which let them hord a lot of shards by doing chaos dungeon while not having to hone for weeks/months.

Now lets look at a new class release, we are at a point where every new class will get an express pass so thats nice.

How long does it take to catch up? Thats a question which will take more time to answer than i have paciency to answer and most won’t read this far anyway but to keep it short, the biggest issue is shards.
Lets look at maxrolls +6 (1370) to +20 (1490)

It takes roughly 840k shardbags to be able (on average) to have enough shards to hone.
In EUC this costs roughly 293k gold in shardbags alone. CORRECTION: i noticed too late I took 1370-1490 instead of 1415. The difference in shards and gold is 71k shards and 24k gold.

Now lets take a look at the highest ilvl content with the next class (artist) into consideration (Brehlshaza g1-6)
We will take a look at brehl hm g1-2 and 3-6 seperately. and to keep it simple ill start from full brehl +12 (valtan +20).





Together you need the following materials:


Looking at this shows that to get enough shards with the current system costs you roughly 1.4 million gold just to get enough shards to catch up.

Now lets take a look at how long you need to grind the respective chaos dungeons (I ignore overhoning because it makes everything unnecessary more complicated.

(i noticed here a mistake - i didnt update the shard gain for dungeon 1445 and 1475 but i fixed it)

Now this looks like roughly the same which kinda shows that at least in the chaos dungeon department they did a good job in balancing cd shard gain vs shard cost but this is only interesting for people who play since day 1 since they gain their shards over time while being at the endgame content.

Lets take future classes releases into account which don’t want to grind 307 days while slowly going up the ilvl ladder.

Above we looked at the (current) price of shards.
To catch up in shards from 1415 to 1490 vs 1490 to 1560 costs 293k vs 1.4 mil gold but why is that? We gain more shards above 1490 so why the steep increase in costs? Simply because we do the same chaos gate since 1415. Even koreans who are 1650 still do the same chaos gate and get shard bags worth 500/1000/1500 shards per bag which to me is a huge joke.

My idea to combat this is let player above 1490 gain new set of shards from secret maps (together with some current shard bags)
Those are only useable on chars above 1490.
The shardbags we know are locked from 1302 to 1490/1500.

The reason why you drop both set of shardbags above 1490 is that you can still use them yourself on alts or sell them for new players/chars to buy.

The new set of shards will be way more to equalise (roughly 3x) to keep up with the high demand of shards needed (1500/3000/4500).

This way new characters can buy old shardbags for fast 1490 and even getting shards fast above 1490 is somewhat affordable.

In kr shardbags went close to 1k g for L which imo is absurd for anyone except whales to get.

TLDR: shardbag gain from chaos gates is the same after 1415 which is absurd, introduce new shardbags after 1490. (1500/3000/4500 shards per bag).


Yeah no, these cap were intentionally but in place for you not to be able to progress that fast.

So it not a mistake that the numbers work out the way they do.

If you don’t believe me ask all the KR players that spend $$$ to get to Akkan Hard


yeah intentional that people whale more.
Either whale more or take your long ass time.

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So posting feedback on AGS side isn’t gonna help much

This is not a bug but a feature :slight_smile:

its a classic “create the problem, sell the solution” method.


Yup, not a flaw it’s designed that way on purpose.

Don’t forget there are other sources of shards ( tea & libra ship, symael bloodstone vendor, legion raid trader, chaos gate maps + tons gifted to players via login reward and events.

Took me a week to replenish shards I used to hone new brel part to +18. So it’s not bad at all.

Its absurd to me how people can look at this and be like “this is fine”.
A design flaw can be done on purpose.

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By all mean go and created the alternative….

At the end of the day you gonna need to monetize your game

it like the phrase “ the house always win” if you don’t well it not call the house is a charity

Oh right the game will die if they make it easier to catch up, truuu. The only means of the game to make money is to sell shardbags.
Right lets forget about everything like gems, pheons, quality, cards, Skins.
Truely only shards are the money maker here.

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Hold on a sec, you’ve put a lot of effort into that post and all but I can’t see any point here.
There’s nothing wrong with shards., you should have plenty unless:

  • it’s brand new char and you have to catch up ( obvious )
  • you’ve been selling all your unbound shard pouches
  • spent your roster bound pouches on alts instead

The point is obvious that its absurd that we had a soft reset, which resets everything. New leapstones, new Armor/Weapon stones, new Oreha fusion material but not shards.
A 1650 character earns the same shards per week from chaos dungeon as a 1415 character.

Which increases the prices into the sky for shards so its mostly available for whales.

I can’t wait till we pay 400g for green bags because “nothing wrong with shards”.

It’s funny how one can’t see the issue.
If its okay to you for new players and new characters to pay such a huge amount of gold for shards bags there is nothing i can tell you to change your mind.

Most games die with the ability for new chars/players to catch up.

Whales?? Most of the playerbase benefits from selling shard pouches. Other than that chaos gates would become useless.

Most of the playebase? Every person who wants to play a future class (no matter which one) suffers from shards.
So yes people who have their mainroster at endgame ilvl don’t care but that attitude is the attitude which kills most games.
Fuck new characters and players because “most of the playerbase” doesn’t care.

Ah those infamous ‘future mains’ people. Well they should have stockpiled hundreds of pouches already. If not, well good luck happy to provide plenty for a good price.

This guy makes a point - AGS monetizes shards

I’m pretty sure all of us casual spenders have been buying that 20$/month 500 royal crystal for 30 honor shard pack and silver (which is literally)) x5

so 20$ in RC gets you 150 large honor shard pack and some amount of silver, both of which is limiting for endgame currently xD.

AGS big brain company


Nice bias. I literally said it influences every character.
Not everyone needs to be a future “main” to be able to play a class. What nonsense take is that.

I just quoted you.
If you’re so concerned about new players, feel free to sponsor them if you want to.

okay with that everything is said. Can’t make this shit up.

Ok ? Because not everyone are gonna spend on the same thing because people value different thing in an MMORPG so … guess what they do monetize other things as well .

Shocking I know

As if anyone gonna whale on shardbags but not on


Before anyone whales on shardbags they whale on the previous.