Huge failure on communication

If the update is not tomorrow, you should have just told players in the first place. You are just giving players wrong expectations by telling them something like hype marketing non-sense so people thought it will be a surprise from you that LM is coming this week.

KR can have anything announced 2 months beforehead on what they are releasing. And we have the last second announcement telling us what you are not releasing. Nope. The communication is just simply a huge failure.

KR announcements I saw earlier from other threads:

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Let me get this straight/sum this post up? You made a bunch of assumptions but it’s someone else’s fault.

the point of the post is that we have to make assumptions. we’re given no information other then expiration dates on event tokens. While in the pictures release dates are weeks or months ahead of time.

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But then that point just deepens…

It’s fine to make assumptions based on assumptions, but then when your assumptions are wrong because their assumptions are also incorrect or have shifted? Then you can’t be upset because your assumptions were wrong.

So the point is, an assumption is just a wild or informative guess.

People are making assumptions because only little information was given. They could’ve just told us it’s not in this week in the first place like Roxx did on another patch few weeks ago, and the complains would be much less.

I’m not saying this is anybody’s fault, I am saying this is a huge communication failure

It was only ever april, you shouldn’t have assumed it was tomorrow.

It didn’t bother me because I didnt get myself fixated on a date based on flimsy thought processes.

People are always going to make assumptions. If you are a good marketing person you should know how to avoid letting people to have wrong expectations. Obviously AGS failed to do so, and that’s why many people on this forums gone crazy, and that’s why I said it’s a communication failure.

Interesting you say this but people who have played KR like saint say they give 0 notification on when content drops outside of content like class releases.

I think in Korea they don’t get hard dates. They just drop when they do. Not really what we are use to here in the West.