Huge FPS drops from time to time

Hello. Since the last major update, I have been experiencing huge FPS drops (from 60fps to 5fps) that last approx 10 seconds. These drops sometimes happen in Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and even when riding my ship in the open seas. This performance issue has been happening everyday since the last update: I would say I get a huge drop twice a day.

This is the first time I’m experiencing such a problem on this game.
I have a good setup:

  • RTX 3060
  • i5-10400F
  • 16gb ram

Once again, this is a new problem that has recently appeared.
Has anybody been experiencing the same issue as me?

Thank you.

Same problem here, except it’s pretty much every 4-5 seconds when I’m moving and constantly when I’m in a chaos dungeon.
Started about a week ago, so around when you posted, and just keeps happening.
I’ve changed soooo many things in accordance with forum and web recommendations, and nothing works.