Huge FPS drops since 06/22

Since 06/22 it has been hard to play the game since almost every 5 minutes (interval varies a little) my FPS drops to 1-5, which makes it impossible to do mechanics for example.

Nothing has changed on my hardware and I didn’t changed any drivers. I was playing just fine on 06/21, then turned off computer and went to sleep. Next day since I joined the game this is happening.

I’ve already tried:

  • Check local files on Steam (all fine)
  • Reinstalled GPU drivers
  • Check for windows and drivers updates (all updated)
  • Play the game on both fullscreen and borderless window
  • Setting graphics to priorize performance
  • Setting graphics to low

By the way, it only happens with Lost Ark. I managed to play other games like BF2042 without any issues.

Is there anyone else having this problem? There is something I could try besides all I’ve already done?

Same thing my friend have. Yesterday everything was normal and today he have fps drops.

Just to clarify, is this your fps or ping? I know lost ark doesnt seem to have a built in fps display (or I missed it) unless you third party it so it might be your ping acting up. Try to restart (not shut down and turn on) using the restart option to see if it helps. There is also often fps drops in large raids or even between loading screen from what i can see from my fps counter but never to 5 like you said.

I know it was common in may update, and the team looked into and I’ve had no problems since beside seeing a few people dc (which is also ‘mostly’ fixed)

My ping is fine. Sometimes it spikes to 5k for a few seconds but then returns to 16ms. The problem is really my FPS.

To see FPS I’m using the one from Steam (Steam > Settings > In game > FPS counter). Also played with task manager open and the game gets my GPU to 100% when this happens, then drop to 60-70% when the game is running smoothly.

I used to have some DC problems but since may it is fixed for me.

Might be a different issue, but since about the last week’s patch I’ve also gotten huge lag spikes.

Task Manager keeps showing ‘Desktop Window Manager’ spiking GPU use apparently at random while Lost Ark is running, and it grinds me to a halt. Sometimes it’s like 3%, but it’s been going up to 40+%.

I can cancel it and force it to restart and it’s usually good for a while, not sure if it’s related to Lost Ark specifically or some recent Windows update. I kind of suspect Lost Ark.