Hunger Reaper. Underwhelming damage?

1482 item level
Full Swiftness build (also tried a 50/50 build)
6/6 Entropy
73 Quality Wep
All level 7 gems
Most tripods at level 4

Can barely reach 3 million dps at Trixion, meanwhile my scuffed alts parked at 1445 can push 2-2.5 millions.
What am i missing here?

Rotation not working? Also, you don’t mention what your alts are, so we don’t really have a comparison.

  1. Are you Lv60 already? (access to Lv12 skills)
  2. Bracelet.
  3. Are you using crit-related or chaos-related tripods?
  4. Assuming you’re using Spec/Swift necklace (as you should), are you using LoS 18/30 or Lostwind or the Umar set?
  5. Are you maintaining your Chaos Mode? (should be a non-issue if played right)
  6. How good are you with your rotations? Do you still forget to use the -1.9s (Lv5 tripod) cooldown reduction on Swoop skills every now and then?
  7. You mentioned having “mostly Lv4 tripods”, are they even the right ones? Also, are the alts you’re comparing your Reaper to also using “mostly Lv4s or 5s?” (it’s not unheard of for older alts to just be decked out on Lv5s due to the recent tripod change).
  8. Raid Captain? If yes, are you on 140% mspd all the time (food is quite necessary to keep it capped w/o a support).
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Getting 6 set this week so will have a better idea of how good it is.

The 4 set experience has been pretty in line with other entropy classes tho. I get about 4-6 mil Swoop crits with level 4 tripods and level 7 gems. As long as you are using shadowvortex on cooldown the swoop cooldowns are pretty reasonable.

I think I’ve been averaging a little under 1 mil dps on Kunga at 1460. It’ll be closer to 1.2mil give or take with 6 set I imagine which while not great is far from bad at 1460. Context most 1490s I see are running 2.4 mil average on kunga with some really good runs being in the 3 mil range.

do the same dmg on reaper

Yes, reapers do dogshit dmg.

I’ve run Trixion testing for hours on my 1492 reaper with varying swiftness to spec ratio.

+21 Wep, LoS 18, 5x3, full Entropy, all level 7 gems, tripods at level 4.

DPS falls around 3.2-3M while practically every character I have parked at that ilvl is above 4M at least (even my swiftness destroyer). All tests were minimum 2 minutes.

With level 5 tripods, it does break 4M barely.

Considering it’s a back attack Entropy class, real raid dps suffers 20-40%. It’s ridiculous weak considering the difficulty and how squishy the class is.

P.S. Tested Lunar Voice. It pretty much deals about the same damage on scarecrow, slightly stronger, not by a big margin.


It’s just a low dps class from what everyone else says

They are likely lv60 since they put all that effort to max them

No point in mentioning bracelet when it’s not even in the game, either way the main beneficiary from bracelet are Full Spec classes

They likely have have much research and looked at vids or IOWA for Reaper builds/guides
So likely know rotations and tripods etc

They most likely don’t have Umar card set and even if they did its only worth to get if your a Striker

Raid Captain is likely not being utilized 100% in Trixion

Upgrade your Damage Gems to 8 also the tripods System to 5 or 4 if u can will bring a good dps. Also cooldown at Green and purple skills is one of the Most Important things at Hunger class. I Play with Adrenalin lvl1 the Rest Full grudge Ambush Master Hunger Raid Captain With 1000 Swiftness and 1100 Spec and for the Future with bracelet i will Take more swiftness and upgrade my dmg gems step by step to lvl 9 or 10. also the Right Card Set can increase your dmg buy back attack kills.

A lot of the responses make it sound like it’s subpar when it’s actually not though. It’s not head and shoulders above other classes (unlike say Artillerist) when it comes to output but definitely not “dogsh*t”.

Fair assumption, though not pointed out by OP so I can’t say 100% that they were back in December 7. Also, we’re not sure if they have enough skill points too (this is something that differs a lot from roster to roster).

Fair enough, although having a bracelet (with Swiftness) will let full Swiftness max out their Raid Captain all the time.

If they did, then they’d invest into Umar for sure. I have LoS18 myself but I also have maxed Umar and it does higher DPS (from my arbitrary self-testing). I don’t have a Striker, I just got 15x of each of the three cards naturally by playing.

OP didn’t specify if they did use RC, or even Mass Increase for their tests, but since they tried out full Swift, it’s a fair assumption too.

Would you say they are…hungry for more DPS?

Not trying to be a dick or " well actually, you see * raises glasses slowly * " you here but its true. Three umar + we’ll meet again is truthfully only viable on striker or wardancer. Its a dps gain over LoS 30 if you are a back attack class that also uses elements. Its marginal, but 3% at ultra end game is a substantial increase. Full disclaimer, i don’t remeber if its 3% or more. Not at my pc and dont care enough to check.

3 umar would probably be better than windcliff and LoS 12 if you have enough crit and are a back attack class. Then you could use a hp set or something i guess but LoS 18+ should outperform 3 umar + hp set and probably be marginally lower than 3 muar + We’ll meet again. Hit master classes obviously wont benefit. If you dont have an element, you also dont benefit.

Aye! No problem, I take it all in stride and like I said, LoS18 and maxed out Umar just happened for me naturally. Still have no clue as to how LoS30 would feel.

Lightning Element:

Dark Element:

We do have some elements albeit not a whole lot. That said, I had 0 idea about the whole element thing prior to you pointing that out. Thanks!

Edit: Forgot about Rage Spear :smiley:
Edit2: Glowing Brand (the only other Swoop skill not listed above) can also be turned to Dark but the Chaos Enhancement seems to be better in terms of pure numbers.

Reaper damage is decent
+21 weapon, full level 7 gems, lvl3/4 tripods
50:50 split, 5x3, 6 set (4/6 lvl2), 2 min test no awakening used
(I had lvl56 during testing so some skills are lvl11)

I think reaper dmg is ok but not very high.

+23 weapon, lvl 59, full lvl 7 gems, lvl 4 tripods.
Max Swift Build 4x3+2+1, 6 set, 2 min test, no awakening.
4,6 mio. repeatable.

Reaper will parse less than the top tier entropy classes in trixion because they have extreme mobility to make up for it.

1508 Moon Reaper here.

In my opinion Reaper in generell is underperforming in terms of raw dmg. EG. My 1508 Reaper with 5x3 and +21 Weapon can barely out dps my 1470 shock Scrapper with 4x3 (without Grudge) and +20 Weapon. And my Surge Blade (I know Surge Blade is quite overtuned) on 1480 +21 weapon with 4x3+1 can push push out like double the dps of my Moon Reaper.

Other said in easy Raids eg. Argos, Valtan HM or Vykas HM I get out dps’d by many players that are around 30-40 Ilvl below me. And I personally dont think iam a bad player overall.

I also dont think that the bonus mobility can make up for that much of a dmg loss.

I will just wait for the next Balance-Patch and hope it will become more close to feel like an actually dmg Assassin Class.

Atm the Reaper just feels like you are jumping around the whole Raid tickeling the Boss and giving him perma - 12% armor for your party and waiting for you time to counter the Boss.

Dunno my 1530 moon reaper dishes 7,5 mill in 2 min
My 1530 blade with 2 x higher wep does 8,3~

Seems pretty equal. Never played hunger but trixion dps is irrelevant anyways. Hunger can have like 100% uptime IF ur good. I rock multiple dps mvps thru brel all gates so I don’t think the class underperformes greatly. It’s fine and with the buff we get the cycle will go a bit more smooth.

Overall I love the class it’s like deathblow striker ur dependent that everything is in order. Lvl 5 tripods good gems cards etc.

Yea hunger is fine. Its just like every other swift prio class. You have to learn when to greed and when to back off. Uptime is everything. Pulled 41% in clown on hunger. Its possible.

How does lunar feel? I thought about trying it. Usially i go for swift classes, but i might invest in having both builds on reaper.

I love lunar it feels great. It’s like a deathblow striker just that u arent immobile like a truck. But u still hit as hard. I play with swift on neck and double crit on bracelet so i barely see white swoop skills.

The lvl 5 tripods were expensive af tbh I payed like 200k but got everything on lvl 5 now. The whole dps lies in ur red skills tho every tripod upgrade feels Hugh. Overall my favorite class. I would play hunger - cause tbf an assassin should feel like hunger fast and deadly. but I just love Hugh numbers., :roll_eyes:

Yea, I might get a setup for both specs. It’s my dps main, so it would be worth having the ability to switch and enjoy something different from time to time. Hunger dps uptime is pretty easy if you understand when you can squeeze and when you can’t. The mobility makes it easy to evade if you put yourself in a bad spot. It’s pretty nice, but I do like seeing big numbers from time to time. I don’t know anything about lunar. I never looked at it. I saw how fluid hunger was and insta made it.