Hyper epxress plus

hello I deleted a character with the hyper express plus I can’t put it on another character and lost my punika pass

Hey there @chap9

In this case we would need to restore your character to be able to transfer the Hyper Express to another character, however keep in mind that this is only possible if you haven’t used the 1415 to 1445 item level honing buff that comes with the Hyper Express on the original character you applied it to. As for your other question, once the Punika Powerpass has been applied to a character it can’t be reverted back even after deleted the character.

If you wish to restore your character let me know the character name and your server so I can check if it’s possible to do so, and make sure to have an open character slot and be logged out of the game while we do the restoration.


serveur ealyn name personnage chaptits

Hey there @chap9 I was able to find a 1405 item level Gunslinger named Chaptits, let me know if that’s the character you want restored. Also please make sure to be logged out of the game while I do the restoration!


@chap9 Please let me know when you close the game so I can perfom the restoration!

I close now

I have now restored your character, feel free to log back into the game now.

See you in Arkesia!