Hyper event for first alt or main 1430

It seems better to use the event to bring a second up with Punika powerpass and then to 1445 than to use it for my main who is close to that already, however maybe it would be too hard to reach 1445 even with the boost if I use it on a new character? What are your recommendation?

I’m fairly casual only sending the boats to do chaos dungeons and never doing them myself.

2nd character is better if you have a class you think you would enjoy playing, more raids = more fun and also more gold to help your whole roster

I was going to use the powerpass anyway and get the 2nd to 1415. The question is about the hyper event.

How hard is it to get to 1445? My first have been stuck between 1415 and 1430 for a month.

if you ever want to find out about how much work it is to get to some item level on average this site here is really good:

in your case

getting from 1415 to 1430 is about the same amount of materials as getting from 1430 to 1445

you need to decide whether this is too hard for your main to do without the express, in my opinion the more efficient use of the express would be on a second character though as it also (presumably) provides increased honing chance for at very least the +16 levels as well which you would have already skipped on your main and cant take advantage of in that case

If I were you , I use it on a new character. because 1430-1445 is not that bad. But if u level up from 1302 - 1445 it takes things. So I suggest to use express on a different character. Don’t waste the opportunity

That’s good, thanks.

I am convinced, thanks.

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So if it’s possible to switch characters like the last express event, do it 50/50. So I was able to get 1415 characters in the last 2 alt characters

That calculator, I noticed it adds cost for solar boosters. Can it tell me when to buy/use those boosters? Is there a cheat sheet how much a solar booster is worth compared to just buying more basic honing mats?

it can calculate the “optimal” materials based on the costs i think which it can also pull from one of the market tracking sites but im not sure if its working fine, i usually always calculate average scenario with no additional mats as the baseline and then ingame use the bonus mats only for weapon upgrades or when i have to fit them in to hit 1 less tap to pity towards the end

all in all im not too sure about that functionality of it and how reliable it is

Going to use the event on 1415 main and the powerpass for one 1370(for now) alt. Even at 1430 I think it’s the better option since you can use the leftover mats, if you’ll be lucky, past 1445. I assume you don’t plan on parking your main at 1445 with Brelshaza coming soon.

I want to be as high level as possible to be let into parties easier, so I don’t “plan” on parking anything. People tell me I won’t lose argos gold until 1470 so I won’t “park” until I get there, but that’s so far into the future I don’t really have to think about it.

last event gave just enough simple oreha to get me to 1415. Getting more of those won’t help my 1430 but will help my alt. I don’t know what other materials it will reward.

My only concern about using it for my alt was not getting all the rewards in time, but I have been convinced this will not be a problem so I will use it for my alt.

Can be once. So 1370 for alt, rest of mats on main.

It’s 1475 to lose argos gold (since at 1475 you unlock clown.) So you can safely park at 1472.50.