Hyper Express duration for aeromancer?

I was wondering if Aeromancer will be getting its own hyper express before I used this one or if I could save this one and use it for Aeros release I would not like a situation like glavier and destroyer where I used it on glav not knowing destroyer would not be getting one

hasnt there been a tons of thread like this with an answer already?

Not official answer. People guessing is not an answer

these non official answers are the same as CM’s answers which is

We don’t know yet until the day before Aero mancer release patchnote unless they get an early confirmation

which is best 1 week in advance

Hello! :mage:

At this time, we have no news available for new classes releasing. In order to find out, do keep an eye on the forums for future news regarding this!

Hyper express event will be available to use until june 14th, the day in which the event expires.

I hope this information helps!