Hyper Express event isssue

Hi, i did not use the Hyper express on any character. when i looged in 20 mins. its says that im currently on that quest. i logged in to all my charcater to make sure i did not use it. its no there on any on my character.

Please help.

NA East

Hello! :mage:

I understand that the game is showing you that you’re on the quest for the hyper express event but you haven’t selected it on any of your characters. I see how this can be quite confusing!

Could you please reply to this post with your character’s name so I can perform some further research on this?

Thanks in advance, I’ll be waiting for your answer!

Hello, it was showing everytime i looged in now its just gone without me have the express pass.

I want to use it on

NA East
Summoner Lîn

You could pick the character you wanted to use Hyper Express till yesterday.
So my guess is, since you did not, you no longer can do that.

Hyper Express lasts till February, but you had to use it before January 18th.

was the 18 when i tried, wow… u make sure ppl hate this game. no help as always.

Yeah, but my guess is you tried AFTER the reset?
So it’s gone.

Also, it says on the Express in-game

they ran ingame message for like a whole week saying you have to use punika powerpass and select a character for hyper express before the maintenance on 18th.

It’s not even the case of the floating message, it says on hyper express window when you enter it.
Biggest issue i have with it is, at least pick some random character 1302-1445 from player’s account and add it to express. Not just lock it completly.