Hyper Express Honing Tomes are still disabled

They expire in 2 weeks and they still arent fixed? Any ETA?
Books in Question:
Not showing up in UI:


same problem for me, the 20% books still dont work. At this point i want a compensation, not bieng able to use the books for another week is not acceptable!


Same Problem!!!

Same. The issue still persists even after the maintenance.
SA - Gienah - Eliesvirn 1400gs / Alezah 1385gs

Same here, EUC, Thirain, Asagirí 1397.5
You guys promised you’ll look into it next maintenance. The day of the “next” has come and we’re still having the same problem. How long do you intend to keep the rewards unusable, state the date and time, and we’ll log in and hone our gear on that day.

We were hoping to have the fix in this week but unfortunately it didn’t make it in – however, we will be extending the expiration date on these books to make up for the time they were bugged!!

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Good enough, thank you Roxx!

Ok, this means we will loose 2 weeks or more of progress?
and we will get solutions when clown is there so less time in general?

This game is all about weekly progress in IDs and so on? you are giving us dates and times and we try to fullfill this? How can it be so hard so fix an item like this that this need 2 or more weeks?

If there is something wrong with your cash getting items you fix it with a hotfix. But blocking us players is fine?.. Or can i now push the actual char? and you will extend this items long enough to use it when my next char will at this point?

I really dont get it why this is made with us …

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Either AGS or SG moved most of their Dev team for lost ark to another project. That is the only reasonable explanation for why this has not been fixed yet.

And what about the opportunity cost lost? We just supposed to not get Valtan/Vykas for 2+ weeks cause you broke these?