Hyper Express Plus change

I recently assigned the Hyper Express Plus event onto my Summoner. She is currently 1412 iLvl. My question is, can I change the event and designate it on my Destroyer (1415 iLvl)? or is that not possible, Ty

Once you are over ilvl1400 it’s not possible to change the express pass character

Ah too bad, thank you for the reply.

Im pretty sure you can change the character once anytime AS LONG as you have not honed a +16 or +17 item yet (as they get boosted honing rates).

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AGS- are you able to confirm please, whether I can change characters in the Hyper Express?

Why not just press the “switch character button and find out”? It wont let you change to a character that cant

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Thank you, I’m such a noob, only recently noticed that button. So it seems if you go beyond +16 on any piece of gear you are unable to swap.

You can’t swap once you use the honing benefit of the hyper event.