Hyper Express problem, i can't start

Hello I have been trying to get the hyper express event but it says no event quest available for this character can you tell me why. Its “Not started 0%” and i dont know how to start it

-i already verified the integrity of the files
-i didn’t start it on other character
-My GS is 1375

Name: Waildly
Server: Kadan

Pretty sure you had to choose a character before 18th of January. You can no longer start as far as I know.

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Hey there @Waild Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Unfortunately, as @Doriumq mentions, the progression events such as the Punika Powerpass and the Hyper Express included with the Feast with Friends November update have now ended, for the Express, the character selection period ended in January 18th.

For more information on the recently expired pogression events:

Hope this answers your question!