Hyper Express stuck on a deleted character

Hey, I designated a character for the hyper express, but i recently deleted it since i had all the 6 slots full and wanted to transfer it to another character, but it seems the hyper express is still targeting the deleted character.
Is there any way for me to transfer it over?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @bacchus, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to read that your Hyper Express was assigned to a character that has been deleted, unfortunately it isn’t possible for us change the event’s designated character however we can restore your character so you can use it or transfer it to another character yourself if you wish to do so.

Be aware that the amount of character restorations that can be done on an account every 365 days is limited. Also remember that the Hyper Express progression event was released in the Feast with Friends update is set to expire on January 18th.

Please let us know if you wish to restore your character, have a good day in Arkesia.

I do wish to restore the character, already waiting for the 24 hours so i can free a character slot