Hyper Express Tripod success rate boost

So with next weeks update, we’re getting a punika pass and hyper express pass, along with the tripod update and reaper release.

Wanted to see what the community thoughts are on a “tripod success rate increase” on the characters that are using the hyper express pass? I know the rates are increasing with the update, just wanted to see what the community thinks about the idea of a boosted tripod success rate for characters participating in the hyper express event.

I know there’s no way it gets implemented for the update. But who knows, maybe if there’s enough positive feedback, it can be a topic of discussion in the future.

First, the odd from tripod is permanently double.

The express will give you 5% on honing pass 1415.

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I’m talking strictly about tripod success rates. I also stated that I know the rates are increasing.

it never happens… express only help you honing not tripod

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Its not going to change for tripods. They are already going to be much easier to add to the library with the double rates for everyone.

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He just want 100% chance tripod… I can smell it from miles away. I guess that guy will be main Reaper… Lol


Yup, that’s exactly what I’m asking for. Clearly. :clown_face:

In KR they added some free max level tripods to their hyper express after they reworked the tripod system. So maybe we get that aswell now.

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Is there a source for honing chance increase? Like an official source or if anyone knows this is what Korea got?

Far as i know with new tripod system thats being updated next week

level 3 tripod no boost 60% success rate with boost 100%.
level 4 tripod no boost 30% success rate with boost 50%
level 5 tripod no boost 10% success rate with boost 20%

I am not sure what’s the ratio for any tripod level below 3 i assume it will be 100% without boost, but those tripods 3, 4, 5 levels should be accurate for the success ratio.

Just to note: I have been told level 5 tripods drop more often in chaos dungeon after patch than the previous patch tripods system in chaos dungeon, but not certain if it got applied to 1415-1475 south-vern chaos dungeon, for the drops that has been increased for (level 5 tripod). As someone that i know that plays in Korea server told me they haven’t tested mid-tier t3 south-vern chaos dungeon and how often tripod level 5 drops but only tested from 1490 chaos dungeon and above which had increase of a drop of level 5 tripods.

although not sure if that’s going to be the case in the western version

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