I’m just gonna leave this here…

There is a distinct lack of quality sh*tposting on this forum.

edit: I’m just sharing, I didn’t write any of this

“I started spending all the time I could with this Blade. Virtually fellating his e-peen over and over.”

the bot farmer perspective thread is the best one for me

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This whole saga is pretty funny.

Too much text, no thanks.

Erm, the husband was not wrong about Wardancer being more of an offensive support until T3…

It’s rare to be MVP with it since when you buff your own burst damage, you also buff the entire party for the same amount…

On the other side, as pointed out, while there are a lot of sad DPS players, there are also quite a few who shine when a support is around because the shields/heals massively increase DPS uptime.

I play Paladin so I know very well what this is trying to convey, but to be honest, on my road to T3 and especially at T3, it’s been rare for a raid to fail with me around (Abyssal dungeons oneshot mechanics aside).

Idk what is worse about this

People thinking it was not a peak comedy neckbeard who wrote this, or people replying to this thread directly thinking its the same person who here

Thanks for the read. I’m married to a grudge 1 andy. Lol