I accidently Destroyed item > asking for restore

after I recognized problem showed here: Lost Ark 2022 03 04 15 09 17 03 DVR - YouTube
Meaning I clicked too fast and destroyed wrong item…

I immediately wrote to amazon games support > They created a ticket and said it’s 50/50 chance to get it restored. The ticket number is V535266788.

Unfortunately no response since 4th of March.

Can I get information whether it’s possible or not to restore it?

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I’m so sorry to hear that you haven’t got a response from your ticket.

Unfortunately I cannot provide any information related to the ticket over the forums, in this case you will need to wait for them to update you trough an email, sometimes responses can be delayed due to the high flow of work that the team that checks this kind of tickets might be having; but you can reach us once again trough live chat and ask for an update with the ticket number you provided!

Hope this can help you out!

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I wrote for an update about 5 times by now :wink:
Do you know if it’s worth waiting for? Or in most cases they cant retrieve such items?

Hello again! @mib564 !

I will advise you to wait, as I told you before sometimes this answers can be delayed due to the high flow of tickets they might be having in the last days/weeks, usually the issuing agent will follow up with you as soon as they have an answer from the team.

We appreciate a lot the patience in this cases while they work on finding a solution for you.