I accidently destroyed my Striker's weapon skin

A week ago or something I bought my Striker a skin and today as I hit T2 with him and started honing and transferring gear, somehow, I managed to destroy his weapon skin.

Please, can any CS help me out to restore the weapon skin that I purchased?
Also, please consider implementing an “idiot” proof prompt where if players are about to destroy a skin piece at least ask them if they are sure they wanna do that.

I hope you can help me. @Roxx @Seawolf can I please get some help here? Anyone? @Shadow_Fox @SuperMod @Stooh @GoHi @Pneuma

I am also apprehensive about purchasing the skin from the AH because I don’t want to risk being banned.

they dont refund anything when u destroy accidently something. hard truth. I destroyed accidently my 1010 gear bcs i thought its already equipped after ive transfered my old gear into my new one. Saw a gear in my inventory and thought its an abyssal dungeon drop. Destroyed it and yeah ^^ they didnt do anything :slight_smile:

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I am sorry to hear that. But also, it is such an oversight that skins can be destroyed without the game double checking with you that this is what you want to do. Sad! And unfortunately CS is unresponsive as well.

skins shouldnt be able to destroy like some other items

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I know! It should not be possible. I am
alao afraid to purchase the gauntlet-weapon from the Auction House because I might get banned. Who knows who I am purchasing from.

Hello InnanaNy, since your thread is in English, I’m moving it from the French “Bugs and Localization Feedback” section to the English one.

Omg, thank you :)). Sorry for creating a thread in the wrong section. Cheers!