I almost went to the darkside

For weeks, I had the websites for RMT and the infinite Chaos bot open in my browser. I looked at them 10+ times a day and always asked myself “Is this the point I give in?”

See, the massive queue times we had for weeks on end in NA West had me missing entire days of play time. I fell behind. It didn’t feel good. I would work 10 hours a day, and come home to 2 hour queues. I have 3 hours of play time on a workday. If the game would d/c in the queue and make me start over, it was basically a day I didn’t get to play. Another day behind.

I missed Guild Siege’s, missed Argos clear one week on 3 characters, missed Valtan clear one week, daily rapports, 2 Wei cards from merchant, multiple daily guild contributions for bloodstones across 6 characters, countless Moake’s and Chaos Gates, 4 Ghost Ships, etc.

Since the last reset, this is the longest we have gone without the massive queues in nearly 2 months. I feel better. The economy is still skewed due to the RMT. I don’t know if that will ever recover. The bots are still here, just in diminished numbers. So the RMT will continue for now. But it IS better than previously.

I still haven’t closed those websites. There is no certainty the queues won’t return en masse any moment of any day. I don’t want to use them. But the temptation lingers.

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