I am a casual player and these changes will probably make me quit

I took my time getting to 50 because I don’t have much time since I am in my final semester of an engineering degree. I almost quit a half dozen times because the 1-50 leveling process is one of the most boring faceroll experiences I have ever experienced in a launch game. You expect that a year down the road after catch up mechanics but at launch? Its embarassingly bad. My friends convinced me every time not to quit promising that there is a real game at 50 and the content gets more interesting. And then as soon as I am getting there its announced that the the game is being nerfed on my behalf. I just can’t even believe it.

This is so short sighted. Its like a couple weeks into launch. Not a couple months. That is 2/3 of the content out the door at the three week mark. And then when those people get to tier 3, they will just complain incessantly and get the same thing done there. Because if they dont all those people will quit again. In the end the game just doesnt teach you what it needs to be successful and pushing that to t3 wont change anything. If you think t3 is safe then I have a bridge to sell you because all that happened is the games obviously lack of teaching now becomes apparent at t3 instead of t1. At this point, between the terrible decision here and all the terrible decisions on New World, I am just not convinced that Amazon Games is capable of successfully managing an MMO.


They need to make their instructions more clear in the game instead of having people go to YouTube. Because let’s be honest, people don’t figure out anything anymore. Most just go look it up. They don’t play a game. They copy what they are told.

Agreed, nerfing content doesn’t stop at a single nerf. It’s a slippery slope that can lead to the death of a game. I’ve seen it happen too many times. I’ve also seen the complete opposite in Wildstar, which launched with nearly nothing for casual players to do. This ultimately lead to its death. Balance is the key, but catering to 1 end of the spectrum or the other is bad for the health of the game. Focusing on the middle will yield the best results, IMO. What problems are they having, and does it warrant intervention?

I agree that the game doesn’t do a good job of teaching certain mechanics. Counters are something that should really be more common while leveling, this would be more effective than giving players a 1-time tutorial. Repetitive positive re-enforcement for executing mechanics in a casual setting would do wonders for the health of the game, but it’s a problem for the developers in Korea to solve.

This is my main issue, revert the game. Cool, no qualms here.

But when does the ease-of-access end? There are so many casual games out there people can play. These people need to just accept that this game isn’t made for them.

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