I am completely shocked and horrified on hearing of nerfs

I went out of my way to find the forums just to see if this was true… and it is.

You are nerfing the content before I barely even get to play it? WTF?

I was so heavily invested in this game already, bought the plat founders pack and more, so extremely pumped even still after a few weeks playing(Never played this game before) I am just barely starting to get into end game(almost done with tier1) and having a complete blast. I am loving the challenge.

And I hear they are NERFING the dungeons and RAIDS? I am almost speechless. This game felt so replayable, I love so many classes its hard to pick a main. I was looking forward to going through every tier with basically every class, and now I fear I can’t even do that. The content is literally going to get easier the longer I play… making it more and more of a chore and mundane.

It’s making me question whether I should invest my time in this game if they have devs that going to nerf the experience before I can even play it. With a future I was so confident in, now I am terrified on what they’ll do… no more spending money from me until I know that this game isn’t going to respect my time put into it.


It’s completely shocking and horrifying how overdramatic many of you are and how many assumptions you make about a patch you haven’t even seen the notes of yet.


I hope I am being overdramatic. I simply care a lot about the game because I have had so much fun over the past month. These changes could really potentially damage a lot of the replayability for me.

I really hope that the nerfs do not take away the fullfilling challenge I have experienced so far.

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