I am defeated (by honing)

You win, Lost Ark. I no longer have the willpower to grind for 1370.

My weapon conveniently sits at 99% artisan as I’m out of mats.
12 honing attempts…only success was one with artisan already, and the only +13. One success is more than I was expecting, but I’m honestly just depressed at this point.

Can’t say I’m going to quit (being addicted is a double-edged sword) but it’s worse when I see people in chat going “Woot 1370! 190 fails, I really powered through though!”

It really feels like I’m being singled out, even though it’s literally just heartless RNG without anything other than artisan energy holding it back from keeping me at 1340.


  • Artificially making Artisan energy hit 99% feels bad. This happens too much to not be engineered to do so.
  • Too much variability in player luck. “tHaT’s JuSt HoW pRoBaBiLiTy WoRkS.” Yeah, it’s also a great way to entice me to spend money for that 1370 push.
  • Why make artisan energy build up so slowly from +14 to +15? Are you guys that desperate to keep people away from Argos and hardmodes? It’s painful to know sheer bad luck is going to make me wait till I have 250 fails to even try the content.

Honing has almost made me quit 2 times in the past, and because I didn’t, I’ve grown some tolerance of it. However, my brother has been sitting above 1370 for over a week now, and he’s frustrated with pugging. I can’t join him.

I’ve made the upcoming suggestion twice before, so obviously I’m talking to the wind, but one last time won’t hurt much.

Honing successes remain 0.88.
Honing fails now give 0.11.
Artisan energy increased.
Only effective until 1370.

Whatever. I’m tired of hoping to be lucky, and AGS sure as hell won’t commit time in their pipeline to something like this, so I’m out (mentally checking out, anyway.)


And this is the problem with a system that averages out across the entire population. When you see a 30% honing chance, it’s not a personal 30% honing chance…it means that over time, for all of the honings that happen in the playerbase, it will average out to 30% across the entire playerbase.

There are players who made it to 1370 with like 30 fails…and then there are people who are below 1370 with over 300.

Personally, I pitied almost every single upgrade from +13 through +15 on every single piece of gear on my way to 1370. I think I had maybe 2 successes out of the 14 upgrades that didn’t go to pity.


If you have no alts, 200 fails with one character leans towards the unlucky side. That’s what one of my friend went through too; only made it through last week.

How artisan energy builds up makes sense to me. If % is lower, the amount of honing you need is more than the average required to succeed. If it’s 50% chance, it will require more over 2 for artisan. If it’s 14 → 15, which is 10%, it would require more than 10. I’m thinking near doubled but not quite.

This right here is why the honing mechanics are objectively bad game design. Ignoring the fact that this game is not an MMO, no MMO in existence should contain such a wildly luck-based progression system that a group of friends can’t progress through at roughly the same rate/pace. Most of the people who say “lol it’s just RNG” do not have any friends to play with. Anytime you see someone say that, you automatically know they came to this game alone and are still alone, guild or not.

By the time some players get to Argos, their guildmates are already doing P2 or even P3 and have been for weeks. There’s no incentive for them to go back and help 4 guildmates because it stunts their own progression very heavily. This game does not promote a healthy, tight-knit community like other games claiming the “MMO” tag. It divides people into what is essentially the video game equivalent of a socioeconomic class system where the people at the bottom stay there, the people at the top just snowball higher, and the people in the middle just quit the game.


208 fails at 1365 is still good. I hit 1370 at 248 fails


Bro that’s nothing compared to other people I know. here’s the problem with people like you with Lost ark honing. You must change how you approach it, especially when you hit 15% or less than honing chance. Just accept the fact that you’ll fail for every hone chance, anything that goes through consider it as a bonus. The game is designed to reach artisan’s energy to 100% at that point. That’s why it gives more energy when you use Solar upgrades.


Yep, my brother was like “I’d run Igrexion with you, but I don’t get great honors from it.”

I couldn’t argue that, and was like “well yeah you should do your 1370 one.”

As for quitting, I am getting an itch to…uhg…go back to WoW. My mind has too much negativity built up from MMOs in general. I will go back to FF14 for the next update, so that’ll make this upcoming break from LA easier; who knows if it’ll help me break free total.

Ironically enough, it’s playing with my brother and brother-in-law that keep me in LA to begin with. Us being separated with only alts to play together with is getting in the way of even that.

I appreciate you saying this, because I feel less bad now…(edit: then again, that’s how I see my fails when I hit 1370 too. If I didn’t fail 11 times for 0.88 I may have hope for better.)

  1. I had this exact mindset going in.
  2. That mindset was broken when my weapon hit 99% as I ran out of mats.
  3. Realizing I am going to not catch up to my brother for at least 2 weeks made me lose motivation to keep this mindset.
  4. Yes, others have it worse, and that’s BAD. You can use it as a reason for me to not feel bad, but I just feel bad for them now…there is no benefit to having people less lucky than me.

TL;DR: you’re not wrong, but the mental effort required to keep that mindset is more draining than I want the game to be. I’m not looking for people say cry on my shoulder, I’m looking for devs to see my feedback and go “maybe we can try that.”

They won’t. My expectations no longer exist…but hey, 0.5% chance of listening is possible BeCaUsE tHaT’s HoW rAnDoMnEsS wOrKs.


from what i see, (not actual facts or evidence) but from the amount of people in my community hitting 1370 on average they failed 200-250. The people who are above average luck is about 170-199, then we get the super lucky ones 120-169


This tbh. I prefer to think about it as the amount of mats you would need to 100% a hone, aka you are expected to pay a grand total of its pity value for a hone. It is not obvious now because 10-30% is still bloody high in the grand scheme of things.

At the end of the day this is a marathon, probably a much tougher one than whatever WoW gives you (the only good thing is that they aren’t intending on making Tier 4 for a long ass time, so you can’t even say that they make things obsolete), and Argos is literally just at the first leg of the marathon. You are eventually going to get to the point where you actually rather do this painful hone than what is to come. There is a point where I agree where the game might have taken things too far, and hopefully they nerf the system both in KR and in every other server. But we aren’t even at that point yet.

But back to the actual topic. Case in point: I did 100%ed my weapon 3 times on my route to +15. None of those times I end at 99%. If you are hitting 99%, you have calculated poorly when doing solars. I like how nobody actually asks how he had a 99% in the first place.

He can always run it without claiming the guardian soul. The guardian soul can be unchecked. What he is doing is throwing salt without knowing he threw salt.


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Yeah, he totally has all the time in the world to do that. Like I said, we have alts to play together that isn’t wasting time, but if we’re gonna play a game together without reward then there are other options.

You’re essentially telling me to not care about the core mechanic of the game just to play together with my brother. Your point is accurate, but it’s horrible reasoning.

This mindset isn’t a choice, though. You’re forced into thinking that due to how it works. That is precisely why this post exists.

The marathon argument is one of the only things that has kept me going. I’ve learned to be patient, but there is a tipping point…

I used all my mats. In retrospect I really should have just patiently gotten more, but I only had 2 tries on weapon so it didn’t click.


Enjoy the next game you go to play! See you later !

Saying you have that mind set and breaking it doesnt make any sense, thats not called mind set. Youre using your emotions too much. It will only get worse at this point. Why are you dwelling not catching up to your brother when theres always next time todo it?

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It does make sense; that’s literally what it means for something to break. You think this is the first time I’ve failed hard?

You say this as if I want to feel bad about the game screwing me over. No, it is not true.

I literally said why already; it’s frustrating to be at different progression levels purely due to RNG. That gap gets further apart in cases like this. It’s really simple.

I made it pretty clear this isn’t an “I quit” thread, but thanks…I suppose? Gonna dismiss the hint of a disguised “get outta here” as something I am incorrectly perceiving.



1370 at 200-250 is standard. Now it can be lower if people who made 50-200k from selling mats started buying cheaper mats AND having honing books from the events.

Getting 99% artisans is your own fault. You can see how much artisans you gain with the honing bonuses. Getting hung up that early at 99% is not the games fault.

And yea the game is insanely rng, but we all knew that. Still also as som1 said. Getting an upgrade before 100% is just a bonus.

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May your next game wont have RNG related stuffs.

200 is not that much, i had one guild friend he was 1375 ilvl and he had 500 fails. Me as a 3 character player i have 140-170 i have 1385,1325,960 ilvl chars.

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Wait till you do get 1370 and only get 2 pieces from argos which won’t be enough to get you to phase two unless you also want to fail at honing a ton. So you have to do 2 weeks of Argos p1 before you can actually move on. Unless you spend money of course.

Wait what, it gives you extra artisan energy if oyu use % increase items? i’m 1377 and never knew this lol.