I am finally quitting LOA, this management is amatuer

The whole act of removing pheons sent out to save their revenue source really was sad to see. This is all while a week+ of server outages are ongoing, impacting everyone’s gameplay on every raid. AH’s been broken for the same amount of time. They had not identified those issues as critical enough to prioritize, but saving some short-term revenue sources was critical enough to put the server down for 6 hrs.

The gameplay is great, the game design is great, and it was one of the most memorable and invested games I’ve ever played in my life, but the management is just not up to the task. sad.


ok, good bye

that was a nice wall of text for saying i finally found myself a reason to quit

You are free my brother. Full support and love coming your way. May we never be fooled again this bad.

So if on another game u like and some big mistakes happend u quit too?

Just in case do u play EUC? Can i get your gold?

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