I am not able to use the in game market

First let me say Lost Ark is a very well put together game and I am enjoying playing it. There are many elements that I enjoy. I do have a question about something that I have encountered in game. Others may have also encountered it and already reported it. I have looked through the forums and did not come across it though.

Is the team aware that the market is always full? Any time (Morning, afternoon, night, or late at night) I get the message: “Too many adventurers are using this service. Please try again later." I have waited many hours, days, and more than a week and still I am unable to access the market and when I try I still encounter the same error message mentioned above.

U have to click it a few times. What you can do now is mark them as favorite then it should work okay it it’s tab

Keep clicking and eventually it will load.

However, when you encounter a search that requires turning pages, it’s finished, and it’s useless to click continuously.

Thank you to everyone who answered. After taking the advice given I was able to get in to get what I needed. Turning the page is a lost cause. Thank you all again for helping.