I am not quitting

Just thought I would make a not quitting post to counter all the quit posts.

But seriously if you are REALLY quitting why are you here still?



because they’re not really quitting. they’re testing the waters!

+1 for not quitting :slight_smile:

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Because he/she wants to b**ching about it. Thats all.

they are still here because they want the attention of course

because they want ags to know they’re quitting, to know their shitty decisions are killing the game slowly but surely. not that they care at all. new world: free fall edition.


Am happy you are not quitting, I thought I will be playing the game alone

That’s it, now I’m quitting to counter your not quitting post. GG, checkmate!



You shouldn’t believe people who say “I’m quitting” any more than you should believe the attention seeking people that say they “are going to K___ themselves.” It’s usually all BS attention seeking.

I for one am not quitting yet. I’m just going to let my cyrstaline aura run out in a week or so. Then I’m going to stop playing.

Am I missing something? Which decision?

I am glad you’re not quitting. I would have missed you a lot.


Oh it will take a while but trust me if AGS will continue ignoring feedback the player base will plumet. Happened to wow and New World.

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well… honestly… if you are using wow as an example for the longevity of a game based on player feed back… uhm… okay.

Me neither. It’s super scummy for them to refuse using proper punishments and/or verifications to fix the issue, which are both the only real ways to fix the issue, and to try to just use the game as a temporary platform for tool development while we’re suffering, but I’m probably never going to quit the game until all my friends decide to do it. Our core group of 8 players are so much fun to hang out and play the game with that regardless of any macro level decisions of happenings I’m just going to keep playing the game. Similarly the content we play is still engaging and fun to us and we’re still working our way up in GS so there’s no need for “new content” even since we’re still in the middle of the current content here

The one thing that has a massive negative impact in our gameplay really is the crazily inflated gold and crystal market that prevents us from getting accessories and ability stones on more than one character and makes cosmetic stuff super expensive. That if anything is kinda killing the game for us on a micro level as some of us are playing with alt accounts when we play together and some on their mains, which creates this problem where we either hyper carry our teammates or end up dragging them down along the way because we have bad engravings and accessories and ability stones altogether. Also using stock looking characters are boring to watch and so on. It’s just a massive shame, even though the core gameplay is still really fun

On a serious not here ajunt, if someone says they are going to kill themselves that is actually the number one indicator that happens before someone really does kill themselves.

players were crying for faster class releases. sure, that may not be in the best interests of the game, whatever. no, instead, they SLOW DOWN, one class every two months. at that rate, it will take nearly a year to be caught up with KR for classes, and by then they will have the aeromancer and maybe even the femzerker.

this is undoubtedly the most infuriating and controversial thing from the roadmap, whether you agree with the decision or not.

there is also the p2w lootbox system which is set to be released in the june - july period, yoz’s jar, which is one of the 2 undoubtedly p2w things from KR that have not been released yet, but it seems that has been overshadowed.

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In some cases, yes. But mostly they wont.