I am now entropy artist

Today I am lucky enough to get into vykas raid on my artist and able to craft 2 pieces of relic set. After crafting and transferring my legendary gear to relic, only then I noticed i crafted the wrong relic set (entropy).

Then I matchmake Argos hoping that I can transfer the gear back to legendary, unfortunately I could not.

Is there any way I can do to actually switch it to yearning?

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Nope, craft a new piece of yearning, transfer item level and dismantle entropy to get mats back.

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Ooof I read some post about this, but i guess it is old enough and changes been made.

+1 to giving the Artist a small shiv to be a back attacker

Hi @Dendroid

I hope you are having a good time.

I do apologize for the inconveniences after completing the process with your new relic set.

Unfortunately, we are not able to dissolve items you have craft. Thanks @Techtus for the advice on this situation.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Wish you the best and a nice week. :octopus: