I am sick of this too

Why do you flip tickets seem to want to ruin the game for everyone else. Just because we are not as good at PvP as you are? Quit reporting people as BOTS especially when you know I live stream my game with a keyboard cam so you can see me actually playing the damn game.

You want to say people like me are ruining your experience what are you doing to mine? You put as many as 3 people on me most the time I am in game I have even scored more points at time then you all yet I am the BOT?

I am begging that who ever keeps doing this will get a suspension that I would have gotten till December 1st. It would serve you right and you would have your own self to blame. Its a good thing I record PvP because it will be proof thanks to the keyboard cam I had to add.

I invited you to my channel to leave your comments up except when it comes to curse words.
Thanks for adding to my stream!


whats wrong with people these days ?

if they abused the report System they should get banned for this and not you…

gl dude i hope you get your justice :slight_smile:

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Lost Ark is a specific game. There is alot of pathetic toxic nerds and nolifes who think that playing good in this game making them better ^^ Their bigger problem is loosing mmr and biggest daily joy mvp screen. So you must be careful :slight_smile: don’t mess with them cause if you split their game they will wish you cancer for you and your familly, fast die, accidens etc etc.
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Same reporting system has been in place since new world where it was abused to devestating effect in fort battles.

Afaik it has never been patched. If you get a large group of people together it is very easy to single people out and get them banned. I think it only takes like 10 reports for the system to take action.

Pretty sure they don’t dole out punishments for abuse either. At least I’ve never heard of any. Although back in new world pretty sure they did eventually have to start perma banning people because the issue was becoming common place.

Top down mismanagement. This company is being run by actual clowns.

“clowns” can’t run and manage a 500 million dollar gaming studio and make profit, right?

if so, what business do you own/run?, so easy to sit behind a keyboard and type this.

And yet… they keep doing literally everything that a clown trying to run a company would do… interesting :thinking:

Keep fighting the good fight man. You’ll catch on one of these days.

You know nothing about running a trillion dollar business, if you did you wouldn’t be here, but you seem to know much about how “clowns” would run one.

Keep fighting the good fight man. You’ll catch on one of these days.

I know common sense.

Please explain to the community a LOGICAL reason for kit bashing the flawed report system from new world into Lost Ark without any patches or changing policies regarding false reporting. I’ll wait. This should be good.

I’ll explain.

When you have a game played by hundreds of thousands of players, you need to introduce an automatic reporting system, you can’t have someone look into every individual report, they have a threshold, once that threshold is met, a trigger happens. This can be abused yes and that is why you appeal bans where a human specialist will look into the case and will reverse the decision if merited, and users who false report get suspended.

This is how other big gaming companies including blizzard do it, and other platforms in general. You have the report button and the appeal button.

Yeah once again showing how far out of your depth you are.

They have a budget of ~500 million and they can’t afford to patch the system so that it cannot be abused? If it were only being used for Lost Ark I would be like ok fine whatever it’s not in the budget to fix it… but this is a system that they are using across multiple games now and they didn’t even so much as tweak its appearance. They put 0 effort into it and I’m sorry to say but it really does show.

This will never be something that can be defended - nor should it be.

Clearly. This is not the issue.

Games typically do not entrust player bans to any automated systems. Reports are reviewed PRIOR to initiating a ban. They have it completely ass backwards here. As with everything they do the name of the game is cutting costs. If you eliminate the initial review process for reports you can cut back on your staff. At least that seems to be the logic that they are following - failing to take into account that if you eliminate that initial review process you end up paying for it by quadrupling the work load of your appeal team. Making it virtually impossible for them to ever keep up with their work load. Which is why on average it takes 1-3 WEEKS to complete a the review of a single case.

This isn’t even something that is debatable. The industry standard has always been to review reports before taking action against an account based on said reports.

Hell even AGS claim that they do not have ANY automated systems banning players - Which is very VERY clearly false.

The company is currently being run by compulsive liars. One of these days it WILL comes back to bite them in the ass. No question.

You clearly have never had the pleasure of dealing with the AGS appeals system so let me tell you how that usually goes.

You get banned for X. You appeal. They send your initial reply which typically is a copy pasted template with your personal info filled into it.

Unless you are a streamer like OP who records the majority of your gameplay - odds are that the initial appeal will be denied outright. They REQUIRE you to provide evidence that you did not do anything wrong. If you did not happen to be recording when you were banned you are basically screwed - or at the very least are looking at a significantly longer appeals process due to lack of evidence. The majority of players that are forced to go through the process end up quitting rather than dealing with it. They are completely impersonal about everything. You might as well be trying to convince a bot that you are innocent.

It would be nice but TBH no one can prove that this is the case.

Blizzard also have a massive support team MUCH larger than AGS by like a factor of 10. They are not even comparable. But even in that case, as I said there is always an initial review of reports prior to banning a player.

lol do you actually believe its normal for a company as large as AGS to rely on a bot to ban players? HWHAT?! :joy:

You don’t know what you’re talking about. 6 years ago, blizzard was doing automated bans even with their 10x support team as you claim. The videos are out there and they are still using the same system. It’s tested live by their biggest streamer. It’s automated till you appeal.

Another fairytale. This is what you’ve been told and suits your thinking and case. There are instances of people here on the forum whom are not streamers and their suspension was removed when proved to be a mistake. They used the appeal system when waves happened and they got their access to their accounts back.

And for your information, the whole industry regardless is doing the same, twitter, facebook, all of it. It’s all algorithms and ban appeals are reviewed by humans.

This is a free game, while in blizzard case, the game costs money and monthly subscription. So they have more money and bigger support and still doing the same ags is doing.

All companies now regardless of business are outsourcing their support.

Also why are you quoting that agent, why not quote the CM saying the same thing?

Appeals regarding name change, abusive language can be automated with algorithms, no need to review them. As for cheating, you don’t seem to know much, but fraud gold is insta ban and anyone coming here saying they got falsely banned because of it are lying.

As for the abusive of reporting a single person, I don’t know what the threshold is, but getting for instance 50 people to report someone falsely is extremely rare, and that’s when the appeal is there to get it reversed and the ones who falsely report banned.

Holy Whiteknight, Batman

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@Bluecogs the guy got unbanned after appealing and is live right now on twitch.

Another proof that ban appeals are handled by humans when they are merited and acted upon swiftly.

Edit: the guy is live streaming a replay on twitch.

Yeah I thought so too but he just messaged me and said that is just a replay… twitch is confusing :joy:

This person reported you over a COOP 6v6 GAME??? HOW PATHETIC!!!

Barely anyone plays that mode these days.