I am so DONE, FAILED AT 100% Honing?

GEAR HONING is a HUGE money grabbing scheme. I had the gear honing at 100%… SO YOU WOULD THINK, SURE IT WILL BE SUCCESSFUL HONE… AND WHAT THE F***… FAILED AT 100%??? WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS??? SERIOUSLY… 100% AND FAILED HONING?? WHY??? weapon is tier 2, lvl 14… and failed to 15… yet it was literally 100% due to the special honing materials. yet is Frigin failed… come on now, this is ridiculous. and I cant get gold AT ALL, unless i do the STUPID abyss dungeons i HATE because of the stupid game mechanics that wipe you. i give up on this game now… i cant carry on in the story because i can HONE my gear. no gold when you solo play… so whatever, it was fun and great story till now, but getting to tier 3… is now impossible to me as a casual player that doesnt want to buy materials with real money

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Well a lot of games round percentages and other values and depending on the settings whether to always round up, or round up as per default ruling, your actual percentage might have been anywhere between 99.01 and 99.99% and you might as well have failed with 0.01% chance of that happening…

Did you use Moons breath and the book? or just one of them

Get on my level bro


did you lose materials? it could have been a desync lag glitch. i had that happen to me and did not lose my materials.

I hate to tell you but if your only Tier 2 and your upset with honing then this is NOT the game for you.

1340 to 1370 was rough but 1415 to 1445 is currently making me a sad panda.

Have you considered Call of Duty or something braindead instead?


You gotta love these takes of: “people get frustrated over legitimate concerns” → the game is not for you…
The OP is just concerned and frustrated that seemingly 100% hone failed…


Being broken by T2 honing is a big oof. Hopefully you’ll find another game that you enjoy.

If you dont like wipe mechanics i dont think most mmos are for you

Obvious troll post is obvious. would rate this bait as like 4/10 at best

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lol dude is comparing complaints about honing to lack of intelligence, maybe you should take your own advice.

Its a visual bug, it’s not 100% i remember it happening to me one time, if you press esc and then open the honing interface again it will tell you the real %, also you can just hone again since you are already at 100% it will success, don’t make it a big deal lol, if you need gold ill pay for it if you are at regulus server, chill bro

i feel the pain bro, just had my weapon level to +20. particularly, when from +19 to +20, it used the 100% artian energy…over 1 month savings gone. and i still got armor left to upgrade…now im broke and have to start over another month saving again ;(

Did you check if materials were actually used?

There is a desync glitch that happens rarely.
Shows failed when in actuality nothing happened at all

It’s probably desync glitch so you didn’t lose anything.

The % artisans energy bar under your %honing succeed chance on the top left side means that the item will be 100% artisans energy AFTER the hone. Next time you press the hone button after pushing artisans energy to 100%, you will notice that the honing % chance bar will show “100% chance to succeed” .

also, if you think you need to swipe to reach tier 3 you should better leave anyway no offense.
Have a good day everyone.

Sounds like your problem.

No, I’m saying that if you get frustrated easily then you might prefer a braindead activity where you can switch off.

You missed my point so badly that you thought you were going to New York and realised that you were in Prague.

ooft that look so painful. mine goes at 57%

there is nothing special about that picture.
the % is so low on that weapon that you have a high chance to reach pity. because the chance also only go up almost nothing with every fail.
at that level you can almost expect to pity every piece.

it is much more unlucky to pity pieces with 30%+ honing chance