I am still ready for scouter even if i didn't played this game for month

But i am scared playing it again, can i reach the other player when starting again with the scouter ? I will be behind everyone, did the game got something to help us climb the end game ?


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i have use my powerpass before and i stay at level 1 at trixion, i hope i can use it on my scouter this way at last.

I honestly dont know how you expect to catch up to people that played 1 month longer than u

maybe not catch up but a little help would be nice

till 1370 its cheaper to hone now. But other things not really

My main was 1400 when i have stop some month ago

No if you didn’t grind mats for the scouter release you will not be able to get on the same lvl, you can eventually catch up when players stop honing waiting for brel but when she releases everybody just gets way past you again

Amazon said class release = content, but if you are too far behind to play the content, i am not sure people will stay, i will try my scouter a bit and i will see, the hype is nearly dead for me, too much time i wait the release.


i mean there is content that “new” players didnt do yet or didnt grind that much yet it just depends how you see it.

it would be kinde wierd if players that just joined the game joined clown on release when others grinded there a$$ off for months

Even if they hyper expressed you to X content you dont have the engravings so you wont get accepted anyway, and there is no way for you to have the gold if you didnt grind

Where due for another mission pass, and they will probably also extend or redress the maharaka leaf event and just call it a day.

This won’t work, you must need to complete the powerpass quests otherwise it’ll expire anyways, even if you use it on your level 1 trixion character before, it’ll expire after September 28. this was confirmed by Roxx iirc. I already warned you, some people didn’t believe that since they said it worked with Glaivier-Destroyer release, that was only because the Powepass lasted enough to be able to be used on Destroyer.

if that expire after 28 september i should be good bcz scouter come the 28 no ?

September 27 is your last day, after that it’s gone. It won’t last for Scouter, unfortunately… but they’ll give an event to help the progression for Scouter players, it won’t be a Powerpass though, but it’s just to let you know that you’ll get an event to help you to reach t3 on your Scouter, it’s confirmed.

I hope the trick i have done, while waiting at trixion with the pass already used work. If not no way i do another feiton or something with my scouter, if they don’t give a pass, player will come back just to see they need to do it all over again, and uninstall.

Don’t worry, it should work.

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You can expect to play with others alts, just not with their mains. People are still running argos, not like you don’t have content to do.

For me the game begin at 1370, if i can be 1370 very fast without do all the other continent i will be fine.

Even if the game helps you “climb” to a relevant ilvl, what new players (and apparently more than 50% of the active playerbase) don’t understand is that ilvl doesn’t mean anything in this game. It’s only there to stop people from doing content they are not ready for. (players spending 100k+ getting to 1495 without even fixing their tripods or getting a 5x3 because they think ilvls is the most important thing ever)

Even if the game pushed you to 1460 instantly, you will not have enough income to buy any equipment because economy is completely ruined. Without equipment you can’t do any raids, without doing raids no money. Even if you do get some gold, you would need to spend it on buying carries (buses) because your char is not geared.

Only thing that you can do is play actively and build a roster OR swipe. So in this case to answer your question, yes you can catch up if you swipe your credit card a bunch of times.

This is an MMO, in case it is your first mmo, it simply does not work like fortnite or whatever, where you come back after 5 months and just get back into the game. Progress in MMOs takes time (unless you swipe you can do it in a day like that) and it’s one of the main experiences of playing an MMO.

I am not new player, my main is 1400, i know how to play, i have just left waiting for my true main. Last time i have log in was early august.