I am stuck at the end of T2 while my friend are at T3

Because i still fail my +14 stuff, only my weapon are at +15.

How i feel right now

Cant your friends loan a bit of gold, now that now they can gain a lot, for you to rush the last bit to t3?

no we don’t use any gold for buy mat.

I have had similar “bad” luck, did many quests and places to get materials, even bought some books and other things to get higher success rate, still failed 9 times out of 11 just today. Just need to be ready that it takes a lot longer than expected. Just can’t expect to get there fast. But still 40-60% chance feels like 10 or 20%. Failed even at 90% :S Things don’t go so fast as we expect in this game but at the end we still manage to do it.

Ok, so YOU choose to stay in t2 :person_shrugging:

damn this guys is for real ? :frowning:

I’m playing with friends and thats what we have been doing.

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I mean does it suck? Absolutely

But basically nothing in t3 is out yet, so not really missing out on raiding with them or anything yet

This was me, we were equal ilvl, but then I failed a ton, and was stuck in T2 for like 5 more days. The reality is, I plan on playing this game for years so, some days behind is not a big deal in the end. What will hurt people the most, is when they leave for a month and come back, etc etc, just keep playing every day. The good luck will come.