I am very dumb (Argos)

So a couple weeks ago I tried Argos for the first time. I thought that I understood the x3 positions but I guess I don’t because I ended up frustrating my party and going the wrong way during the sun/moon circle mech.

I thought that because I was party 1 pos 4 that I would go to pos 12 during the mech but someone else went that way. I know I should have asked which way was correct but when I panic I get this mental block that makes it hard to communicate.

I don’t want to grief people or cause frustration, I’m just an idiot. Any clarification would be appreciated.

4x3 is in fact 12. If you’re Sun there’s only one 12 position. If your moon there’s technically two, of which I’d recommend taking the one more north / west. (Because it’s closer to 12 than 3 o clock position to the East)
Doesn’t sound like you were in the wrong. Some times you have to improvise though, don’t sweat it too much.

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