I appreciate the learning curve of LA-Team


after I used this forum so often to place my issues in or with the game I really used the forum a lot in past weeks. I really like how interactive this forum is and how fast the communication is, espacially by our Mod´s. Thank you for that!

After LA had a really tough start with full servers and many other issues I can say for me, that since Clown and Scouter release I have the best time in LA so far. I´m very exited for Brel raid release!

Because my feeling does not fit to what I can read in this forum at moment, I write this post. I know (like everyone else) that this whole Pheon-gate was totally unnecessary, but I want to say also very clear, that the final soultion was the best possible under the cicumstances, even if I lost Pheons. I find it very fair to bring all players back to same pheon count, so that noone has more or less than others, maybe just the compensation should have not been so low (30 Pheon) but higher (really like 100 Pheon).

Furthermore I love this new patch (balance, tripod, tinkle tinkle, …) and I love the very detailed Patchnotes! I was yesterday so happy, that the server came back after 4h like planned!

Please keep improvement curve in your processes dear LA-Team! I am sure you soon find a soultion for server stability, we all count on you :slight_smile: