I believe the biggest problem you guys at AGS have is the proper interpretation of feedback and data

Judging from the demo version of South Vern you released it’s pretty clear that you still don’t get it. I could give you the benefit of the doubt since you don’t play the game, but if you even paid a little attention to constructive feedback you would by now realize that the problem with Argos wasn’t that it was released early . IT WAS THE LACK OF WAYS TO GET TO IT.

Now you release a demo version of South Vern and you wait for “data” to tell you when most people are at higher gs (gear score) for you to release the full version (which no doubt you will baptize as “new content” ) . What you don’t realize this time is that many people (including me) stopped upgrading their gear as a tactic for many reasons . The main one being that there was nothing content-wise to do after a certain gear score .

Does your “data” tell you that ? No , it doesn’t , people who actually play the game will tell you that .

My biggest concern though is the way you move forward and the way you interpret “data” and any kind of feedback you receive from players which you then probably pass over to SmileGate and they have to act according to what YOU tell them.

Gold River wanted legion raids as fast as possible for a reason, he wanted people to go there fast because the game was terrible before them , and you are keeping players stuck in that state.

PS : If you are that scared of releasing the full version of South Vern what will happen with Legion Raids ?

PS 2: I get that people take their time and do tomes, side content etc and it’s 100% fine.But that shouldn’t mean that people that want to do endgame must wait for them to finish all their tomes and side content first in order to do what they want to do .


I also wonder if the data accounted for the fact there is a ton of low geared bots or not as well…

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That’s so true , didn’t even think about that.

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How the player plays Vs. what the data says.

Players not pushing 1415 because there is no content Vs. They want players to push 1415 so they can release content. Clearly a data-driven based decision.

People aren’t leveling just to level, they level when there is content to do. This whole, holding the carrot in front of the player base makes no sense. Release the content and players become motivated to get to 1415.

So you are saying everything up to some specific raids is terrible? Why are you playing a game then if you think most of it is terrible? Also, aren’t legion raids just a small part of the content? So you are playing a game for a tiny bit of content? What makes legion raids so amazing vs everything else? I have watched videos of them and it just looks like raid bosses with pumped up health bars and maybe some diff mechanics. How can that be soooooooo amazing but other raids and everything else is terrible?

I just don’t get a lot of the people that play this game and the view they have. I really have no idea how someone can sit there and play a game where they think almost all of it is terrible. Then again, I also don’t get how so many people talk about how t1 and 2 are crap while t3 is great when to me from my personal experience, t3 is just the same stuff. I do the same things in t3 as I do in t2 except t3 is even more of a slog and has more rng and resource sinks built in. The only good thing about t3 (aside from the start of tripods on gear which quickly becomes annoying with level 2+ versions and that 15-30% success bs) is you get more una tokens each week.

If the director also has that same mindset and considers 90% (or more) of the game he was the main person behind to be terrible then wow, talk about a failure at creating a game and not fixing/changing ANY of that 90%.

As for your title, Amazon Games just doesn’t care about what the players want or what the players are doing. This is clear as day. I don’t think Smilegate cares about this version released over here as well but people will keep carrying the water for Smilegate.

It’s not just legion raids that are missing mate . There are lots of stuff that we don’t have yet. Of course i enjoyed the game up until now (although i’ve already done all of it in RU again) but it becomes pretty stale at T3 (1400 gs) . And yeah legion raids are the best content the game has . Also the director wasn’t there from the start , he came later , and saved the game . With legion raids being a big part of what saved the game .

They take your feedback, interpret it however they choose, and store it in a special filing cabinet marked waste.

This is a developed game, being re-released to you. Your feedback is not going to change the developmental re-release roadmap.

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why did you stop upgrading your gear ?

this game is 100% about getting higher GS

LEGIT QUESTION: Do they even play this game??? OR do they even have any idea how these events/promos works? I for someone that plays in both KR and RU knows this things, these are good player catch up events, this should be hyped etc. I’ve been assuming this far that there’s someone in AGS that care about this game more than we do.

Because i can do all content with my gs . It’s not viable to upgrade more , i’d rather sell the mats .

but what gonna happen if they annouce Valtan and then you stop selling and fail your honing like crazy and cant get to 1415 in a short period of time ?
you will cry and make a crap post again ?

ok . Next .

The community brought this upon themselves. If you want to blame anyone, blame them. Amazon will cater for the majority it’s been seen. Not you who has played the old version before and know the game enough to hit the Ilvl required for the new content release much faster than Western release players. I for sure want legion raids out as well since i have hit 1415 already. However, it makes sense with the way they would do things after seeing argos being released too early.

Again , argos wasn’t released too early , they just released him with no ways to get there .

Even with all that stuff and multiple alts, Korea still had issues with getting through the deadzones. It was released early unless you played a crap ton of hours per day or manipulated the market since you knew how the game works beforehand.

If the naruni race event ( or any other event that gave mats) came 2 weeks before argos , wayyyy more people would be at argos on release . It’s all on AGS and smilegate , not the community being slow .

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Even with naruni racing, people have struggled getting through 1340-1370. 2 weeks would not be enough for that big stretch of an ilvl. 1360-1370 takes a lot of resources alone and naruni does not compensate enough especially when most people didn’t have many alts.

Come on dude , we also had the guardians event , 2 weeks with 2 events running you would get there eventually . Also it’s supposed to be an end-game activity , don’t need to go to extremes here saying they should’ve just handed over everything to get there instantly.

No one is saying that though… That is something you made up yourself. All I am saying is that 2 weeks would not be enough which you said would be… You could get there eventually but 2 weeks would not be enough. They aren’t going to cater towards veteran players. I think you have to understand that. Players like you will be unsatisfied until legion raids come out because you are in the very small minority.