I bought Alar skin but it didn't come to my inventory

I bought Alar skin but it didn’t come to my inventory

Nickname: Bekobbw
Server: Beatrice/europe

Check the product inventory. The items you buy will always be there before you add them to your character’s inventory.

I already checked but there is nothing :confused:

Looking at the forum many players are having the same problem.

Ah, then I don’t know. Maybe the mail or anything? I haven’t bought a skin yet, so I don’t know. The only info I have is when I got the 2nd founders pack and the launch pack. And they always go to the product inventory. And also when I had to buy mats to get to 600 due to changing mains.

Then yea, just wait for any more news on it. I’m not a dev or anyone of said higher power, so I can’t do much lol.

Thanks for trying to help me but i think it is a common problem in game

Thanks anyway. live support said it will be resolved because many players live. Let’s see :slight_smile:

I bought one and got achest for ir, opened the chest and it poofed and i got no skins, no items, checked all inv tabs, pet, virtue and skins tab, everywhere.
gone. sent in a ticket and waiting…