I bought my Platinum pack and cant create a character in Regulus server

HI Team, I got my Platinum pack to play with my friends and i did not have the option to create character in Regulus where all my buddies are. I bought the package to play with them. Is there any way I can create a character there or open the option to?. would like to play but i dont want to create a character if i cant do it with my friend there.

Yeah, you can’t do that anymore, unfortunately. They closed a lot of servers for new players because they are overpopulated.

Sad, then nothing much to do, and I’m reading you can’t use the platinum benefits on more than 1 character so any ideas how can I get a reimbursement? if i can’t play with my buddies no point of playing and wasting the platinum benefits. I would rather not play anything at all. if I would have known before, I wouldn’t bought anything at all.


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