I bought Plat skin on AH during Day 2/3 of early access, will I get banned?


Long story short, after reading numerous topics about Founder’s Pack refunds leading to a ban, I am so worried that I might get banned too. My first char during day 1 of early access was a Sorc, so I used my first platinum skin on it. The next day, I switched to Paladin and I bought blue crystals from Lost Ark Store and sold some mounts on AH to buy another Plat Founder Skin.

The prices were - ranging from 100 - 1000 golds. I think I probably sold 3 mounts for 700 gold each or something, I can’t really remember.

However, I do remember that I bought each skin separately in the AH, which meant that I’m at a higher risk? Since I do not purchase the chest directly. I bought the weapon for about ~200g, armor for about ~500g and hat for around that range. Sorry, I can’t remember all the details. At the time, it was like Day 2 or 3 or early access (free to play is still not available). So technically I’m buying from 3-4 separate accounts, right?

So my question is, if I were to get banned, I should be getting banned already, right? But I’ve also seen people saying credit card refunds take up to 120 days. So am I risking getting banned until then? I have about 300 hours and at 1351 ilvl currently. I’m so worried that I actually created another Steam account and planning to restart… but I’m not sure. I spent so much time and effort on island tokens, mokoko, and probably spent around $300 USD (on packages and crystal chest deals)

Is there anyone with personal experience? Were you able to get unbanned?

Hello @kenamadeus, I hope you’re well.

I’m afraid I’m not really understanding what you’re asking, correct me if I’m wrong please,

You bought the platinum founder’s pack and used the skin you received on your sorceress, the next day you switched to a paladin, bought crystals from the store, sold mounts and bought another set of founder’s pack skin, buying some pieces from different players on the market.

You are asking that you should be banned already for buying these skins from other players? If this is the case, then no, you should be okay as long as you obtained everything through in-game means and not from any third-party sellers.

I hope this answers your question, if not, please let me know, I’ll be monitoring this post for your reply.

Hi, thanks for the response. Yes. But what if the players who sold the Plat Founder skins on AH actually refunded their Platinum Founder’s Pack on Steam? That would made the items invalid… am I right? There are people who got banned this way… I think. What would happen to me then?

Hello again @kenamadeus!

If you bought the items on the market from someone who refunded their founder’s pack, it shouldn’t be a problem.