I bought platinum founder pack but did not get crystals

HI! i have, i think, everything else in the pack, alot of chests to open, but i only have 10 crystals … help please

Are the crystals inside the packs? I don’t remember anymore. I remember things like character slots require you to open the top level.

well i been reading what are in the chests and nothing talks about those crystals

not in the chests no

should file a support ticket with amazon. I think you can do it here

will do, thanks mate!

The crystals were automaticly added for me. Before I opened my chest. Open cash shop and look down the bottom?

not there, only have 10 crystals, from tutorials or something

in the store i have 10 normal crystals but 7000 royal crystals

That sounds correct. The crystal from Founder Pack is Royal Crystals (Shared across all servers) not the Blue ones (which are server bound)

oh dam for real?? cause on the lostark.com founder packs page the 2100 crystals are blueish, the ones i have are white/orange, i thought i was supposed to have at least 2100 blue ones

The founder page is gone, but I am pretty sure you get Royal Crystals. That is why I have 10k

That’s the starter pack, not the founder pack. Founder Pack is no longer available for purchase.

ok so those 7k white orange crystals are the equivalent of the 2100 blue crystals people get from buying vanquisher pack?

I also got the Platinum Separators Pack and I got separated from my friends who are playing the official launch. NOT WORTH.

Platinum founders pack contents…

  • 3-day Head start

  • 7,000 Royal Crystals

  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount

  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet

  • Founder’s Exclusive Skin

  • Founder’s Skin

  • Character Expansion Slot

  • Founder’s Title

  • Founder’s Exclusive Wallpaper

  • Founder’s Exclusive Structure

  • Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Chest

  • Launch Limited Card Pack

  • 60 Resurrection Feathers

  • 50,000 silver

  • 5 Adventurer’s Equipment Crates

  • Gatherer’s Tool Chest

  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 20)

  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 30)

  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (Level 40)

  • Hero’s Ascent Chest (level 50)

  • 30 days of Crystalline Aura benefits

No mention of 2100 blue crystals. Royal crystals are orange

Maybe your confusing the LV 50 adventure chest you can buy with royal crystals that gives 2100 blue crystals from the Lost Ark shop??

oh dang you are right, i thought the content of the packs were the same… i gota say tho, its pretty shity that the contents were changed… its really messed up