I burn my battle items for DCing in Caliligos

If it wasn’t me Dc , my teammates Dc, then I burn my battle item again and again. Toltal battle items I have used since new update are double than all I’ve used last week. Not including Dc in raids. Have to do this raid 2x8 times everyday, save me plz.

you dont “have” to do anything

u’r right. quit game


if you feel like you are using way too many battle items go do 1 minute deskaluda runs until dc´s are fixed or something

( no new mats i forgot not minmax enough )

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so are you indicating that the DC’s are on purpose and meant to make you use more battle items? Hence more gold gone = more chance of buying from cash shop?

wow that’s messed up. I think this is breaking the law in one of the countries being serviced and we should call them out.

Yea but Caliligos drop new mats and bracelets, which are worthy to get.

i didn’t mean that way. lul

after a few weeks im sure pugs and ppl in general will be able to kill Carl using the bare minimum of battle items. he came out yestarday ^^

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I’m already running no battle items in mm Caligos groups since day 1. Don’t need bombs for stagger or destro. Same small map as Kung? Didn’t need battle items then, don’t need it now.

Don’t need to do it 2x8 daily. Use rested character only for

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