I can continue my journy, is not logical!

I can’t advance, I did more than 30 hours of island routes and island missions, I have item level 600 and, I already advanced the initial journy in YORN until he asks me for the starlight song, I went to the island and did all the chain of souls but I still have some guineah coins left that I don’t have even changed the chest coin that I had, so I can’t buy the song from the piano npc, so where can I get some more guienah coins to advance ? so also I can’t enter the chaos dungeons in Yorn’s castle because it tells me that I haven’t completed “the final report” (this is a translation from Spanish I have no idea how they wanted to put it in English)with which it is a very stupid way to force a player to buy more things than the many that I already buy living in Argentina. think i can notand anyway I’m here going around the seas begging like in any cell phone game… seriously with everything I’ve bought in the store? Server: Kazeros, Character : jaimeworld , Class: demonic (if it helps you, my feedback now is that advance is frustrating)

Apart from entering into the ridiculous discussion of who is the player who has played games like these and these children’s nonsense for the longest and best, I played more than 150m hours in Russia and I have more than 250 in Latam, I am not a child and i have been playing many games including mmos for years but I’m not interested in competing at all. :S



I went to Yorn w/o the startlight song, you dont need it. To unlock the chaos dungeon you need to finish the main quest in Yorn. You dont need to buy anything.

Perro, no se que fumaste, no necesitas esa canción, en algún otra cosa te trabaste.


jajajajajaj buena respuesta, es verdad lo que dice, no necesitas la canción de una, puedes terminarla despues cuando la tengas, la historia principal es azul no amarillo

Lo unico que se me ocurre que te pueden estar pidiendo es esta

Que es la que usas para sacar el segundo awakening.

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friend, I’m in yorn and I have nothing else to do there, I wish I had smoked something, give me what you smoke please :slight_smile:

the topic of measuring the size of swords should be another one, it’s not this one guys, I have a very small sword, thanks anyway for the interest :wink:

Podes pasar una captura de que dice la quest en la que estas?
Yo sali de Yorn hace 2 dias, pero me acuerdo que uno de los ultimos pasos lo googlie por que estaba medio perdido. La cadena de la quest principal termina en “El reporte final”, asi que algo te quedo de esa cadena.

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Well, I do need it and I did quite a few more missions before arriving in Yorm, if you’re looking it happens to a lot of people, normal people, not those who think they’re better because they don’t have a life around a game.

thanks for your answer, but where is it, I can’t find anything pending in any way

mmm Where does that quest chain start? maybe it could be that i deleted it when
the missions was too many :o

Uploading: a1.JPG…
could be this one?

I’m sorry, but actually I think I was missing this in Yorn and I swear I had reviewed it before, thank you very much for the good vibes. I’ll let you know when I’m done to see if it unblocks me hehe

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now i have it, thank u so much

Gz, enjoy the journey into t2

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